Envirowriting 2012-2013: What We Are

Envirowriting 2012-2013 is a Writing and Thinking course through which students will explore the question: Why is there such a difference between the opinions of climate scientists and the general public when it comes to the question: “Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?”

In order to gain proficiency in Writing Skills (Ideas, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, Conventions, and Presentation) as well as in other skills such as researching, critical thinking, responsibility, collaboration, and digital citizenship, part of the course will consist of students posting their learning and reflections on this public blog. We hope to garner an audience that will respectfully help these students to:

1) Communicate and Collaborate: Learn to be proactive learners in the digital community, writing and commenting in order to learn beyond the walls of the classroom.

2) Problem-Find and Problem-Solve: use the resources online through RSS feeds, Diigo, and the readers of this blog to ask questions and seek answers about the environment and our culture.

3) Create and Innovate: make each blog post unique to the writer and use this as a source of inspiration for our final project.

4) Reflect and Revise: allow for these posts to be polished exercises in “thinking on paper” and a place where students can revise their ideas and reflect upon their learning.

5) Serve and Lead: open up discussion among interested digital community members as a way of leading this discussion and serving as moderators of this discussion and members of an online community.

Please join us in our thinking and conversation by commenting on our posts. Please make note that any contributor to this blog (comment writer or poster) MUST follow these guidelines:

1) Only 1st names may be used. Writers may not, in any way, make their identity known to the general public. This means no last names, no pictures, no ages, and no school references may be posted on this blog.

2) Writers must not only be civil with each other, but must endeavor in all ways to demonstrate politeness, honor, and good character in their writing. No writing will denigrate another person for any reason. Unsavory comments will not be posted and will be deleted.

3) Writers must follow copyright laws. This includes the use of pictures, links, and videos. Please alert us if we have failed, as we are still learning about plagiarism and copyright, and we will rectify the situation immediately!


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