Where we are (at least right now)

As a class, we started by taking a quick questionnaire about our own attitudes and beliefs when it comes to the subject of climate change. The questions themselves come straight from a pair of surveys regularly administered by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, giving us the ability to directly compare our students’ beliefs with those of the American public.

Here are the results:

Take a moment to browse the questions and the numbers. This is what a single group of 8th grade students in an Atlanta independent school had to say when surveyed at the starting point of our work together. Moreover, their responses are cross referenced with the most recent results available from the American public.  Students and blog readers (welcome!) alike—What do you find surprising, interesting, noteworthy, questionable, energizing, cringe-inducing, affirming, hopeful, depressing, ironic, or just plain odd in these numbers?


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