Turn Up the AC

         While I have only seen one perspective, if everything they are saying is true – then everyone needs to take a serious reality check. The statistics that Al Gore shows in “The Inconvenient Truth” highlight the huge amounts of carbon dioxide we are putting into the air. The problem is simple: too much carbon dioxide concentrates the ozone layer, which traps the heat inside. The difficult part is how to solve the problems associated with global warming.

          The issue has been distorted and twisted by political parties. Some people want to completely stop putting carbon dioxide into the air.  This would be good, but it is a drastic change that cannot be done quickly. Others deny that global warming is happening and want to carry on, or they simply care more about the benefits of carbon dioxide than the environment. Since both sides think the other is either ignorant or maybe even evil, neither one of these things will happen easily.

           The only way to move forward is to create a solution that both sides agree to work on together. The first step to solving this problem is making everyone aware the world is heating up. Some may argue it is natural climate change, or some may argue it is due to human influences on the ozone layer. Second, everyone must identify whether or not this is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately or just within the next few decades. As more time, money and research is put into the global warming issue, the clearer the problem will be. Until then, turn up the AC!


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