The Human Race: Procrastinators?

I was sitting in the back seat of a car occupied by my best friend’s father and one of her brother’s friends. We were driving back from St. George Island while my friend, her brother and mother all staying down at the beach for a couple more days. While we were driving, my best friend’s dad (who I am now going to call Mr. Smith, though that isn’t his real name) began talking about the environment. We started up a conversation, Mr. Smith doing much of the talking. He mentioned not having to worry about his generation, and ours too, but that my grandchildren might be in trouble.

Later, our class watched “An Inconvenient Truth”, and I learned the carbon dioxide levels will (or may, depending on what everyone does) be off the charts by 2050. I will be 58 then. That’s not quite my generation, but I don’t think it’s my grandchildren’s.

My point isn’t that I’ll still be around when carbon dioxide levels are off the charts. My point is that I’ve talked to many people who keep saying the same thing: it’s the next generation that will have to worry, not ours. It seems as if everyone—or rather, the public—is putting off cleaning up the environment because it’s not our problem, it’s the next generation’s problem. We’re procrastinating; apparently we have better things to do than ensure that we will have things to do.

Of course, I have yet to hear both sides of the argument about global warming. But either way, we need to stop procrastinating and hoping someone else will clean up after us. We can’t just hope that the next generations will tidy the earth, because maybe they won’t. It’s our home, and we’ve got to start taking responsibility.


13 responses to “The Human Race: Procrastinators?”

  1. isabellat0017 says :

    I agree. Its like this episode of West Wing I watched. One of the characters is told that the current poverty estimation is incorrect and does not give people the benefits they need. The episode goes to explain that the reason it has not been changed is because the new estimation makes more people officially poor. Its the same way with global warming. The people think its going to be the next persons problem, instead of trying to fix it now. Sooner or later this kind of thinking is going to catch up with us because its not going to be someone else’s problem any more.

    • annah0017 says :

      Is that really true, about the homeless? Because that’s terrible if it is. Thinking that shoving a problem on someone else’s shoulders will solve it hasn’t worked before, but we still do it.

  2. johns0117 says :

    This post is really interesting to me because I had never thought about it this way before, but I really agree with it. Sometimes I worry about global warming, but then I think to myself, there’s still a long time before we get affected really badly by it so I don’t have to do much about it now, but now I know that global warming is not just the problem of future people, it is also the problem of us. No one bothers doing anything about it because they think that there is still a chance that it will resolve itself or that it is not their responsibility because it will not happen in their time, but it will happen in their time and in their children and grand children’s times. I agree with Isabella that sooner or later, thinking that we don’t have to worry about global warming is going to catch up with us and we are going to be sorry.

  3. alexc0017 says :

    Everyone of us would like to have someone else do the dirty work. We will lay the blame or the responsibility on someone else to make sure that we are not having to do extra work. I think the only way the we can do anything is if we own up to what we do and take some extra responsibility.

  4. adamw0017 says :

    I completely agree with what you are saying. It really seems to me that people of this generation are just putting off cleaning up the world. People of this generation (and many generations before them) have been saying things like “My generation won’t have to worry about it so that means I don’t have to do anything”, or “Oh, other people will work this out so it isn’t like I’m going to change anything.” It really is like we are procrastinating. I think, as time goes by, global warming will just keep getting worse and worse until someday Earth will be to harsh for people to live on. Unless somebody does something now global warming will just keep getting worse.

  5. ajaym0017 says :

    I agree with the fact that people are procrastinating about the problem of Global Warming. I also agree with the fact that if people do not do something about Global Warming it will spread to the next generation, and then many people will die because of Global Warming. This post is very well written, and I agree with the fact that when things get really bad if someone do not stop procrastinating then in the end the world might end.

  6. omarim0017 says :

    I believe that what a lot of the general public aren’t aware of is that the effects of global warming are happening right now and have been happening for years. When most people are being educated about global warming, its usually about its long-term effects and how devastating they can be. But what they fail to mention is its short-term effects and whats happening now. In the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore kept referencing to the predictions that scientist had in the long-term, around 50 years from now. Maybe to ensure that the public are understanding the urgency of global warming, they should be learning about its short-term impacts and how devastating they can be as well. Take the melting of the polar ice caps for example. It has been made quite clear that if they melt sea levels could rise to potentially dangerous heights, but look at whats happening now. Polar Bears are losing their homes at an alarming rate even if the caps haven’t completely melted yet. Everyone is so focused in looking to the past when they are barely wondering what is happening right now. I think the education of short-term would be great in order to really scare people into actually taking matters into their own hands.

    • annah0017 says :

      That’s a good point. If someone (look, even I’m procrastinating–“someone” is going to do it) pointed out what might happen within the next ten or twenty years, perhaps more people would be motivated to begin cleaning up some of the messes we made.

  7. zaym0017 says :

    I think the human race is a bunch of procrastinators because if they thought this problem was very serious, we would have been acted on it. Our race needs to realize what happens and the consequences and repercussion we are going to have if we keep living like this.

    • christinel0017 says :

      I agree with what you are saying. I relate it to when you see some trash on the ground; most of us will keep walking and think to ourselves that someone else will pick up the trash later. Ignoring the trash will not make the trash pick itself off the ground and fly into a trashcan. We have to pick up the trash and put it away for the problem to be fixed. I see global warming the same way. If we ignore the problem and do not do anything to help, it will not get better. We need to stop procrastinating and address the problem of global warming.

      • clarkbeast says :

        All you need to do is look at the lunch tables after 8th grade lunch to understand how this “someone else’s problem” mentality causes real trouble.

  8. davidc0017 says :

    I think there are tons of reasons why people would procrastinate.

    You’re afraid of the job, you don’t place a high enough priority on the activity, you haven’t really committed to doing the job, you don’t know enough to do the task, you just don’t want to. Many people don’t know enough to do anything about it.

  9. carolelizabethk0017 says :

    No one wants to take the initiative into their own hands and they keep on putting off the reality that things need to change. Even if it doesn’t affect our generation it will be easier to deal with the problem when it isn’t as big.

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