Who Turned on the Lights?

After watching the movie An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore I feel as if someone “turned on the lights” and helped me see what was happening with our planet. In this movie, Mr. Gore presents facts about global warming and charts that showed  how the CO2 content in the Earth’s atmosphere keeps rising, therefore making the Earth’s temperature rise. The CO2 content in our atmosphere is not suppose to rise over 350 parts per million. However since 2010, the CO2 content has risen to over 390 parts per million. If we don’t take action to lower to CO2 content, the CO2 content will keep rising and heating up the planet, just as it has over the last couple years.

Before I watched this movie and researched the facts, I didn’t know much about global warming. I was living in a lightless world, without seeing what we are doing to our planet. I was oblivious to the fact that the CO2 levels were rising and the temperature was slowly getting hotter. After seeing the charts that show the drastic rise in both CO2 and temperature over the last couple years, I feel that I am now aware of this scary situation. If we keep on polluting our Earth and the CO2 remains trapped in our atmosphere, not only will the temperature keep getting hotter, but also the ice in the South and North Poles will break off and melt. The more ice that breaks off not only causes the water level to rise, flooding many places, but also endangers polar bears and other animals that make their home on the ice. With less ice, there will be less habitat, and the numbers of these animals will shrink, possibly even wiping out a species that relies on the ice for a home.

With these facts at mind, I would think that most of the general public would be very, if not extremely, concerned about global warming. However, according to a report by Climate Change in the American Mind: Americans’ Global Warming Beliefs and Attitudes in March 2012 from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, 46% of the general public either is not very worried about global warming, or not at all worried. While that might not be a giant number, it is almost half of the general public who answered this poll. We all need to be mindful of our environment and spread what we know about global warming. Perhaps with more people knowing the consequences and dangers of global warming, the more they would do to try to help out. There are really so many consequences to global warming, and if we all don’t do something very soon, some of these consequences might be irreversible.


3 responses to “Who Turned on the Lights?”

  1. maryt0017 says :

    I definitely agree with you on this. I had known a little bit about global warming before watching this video, but it was not enough to make me want to help. After watching the video, some light has been shined on the situation. Now that I know the consequences of global warming, I really want to help out in order to prevent anything bad from happening. I would think that the general public would feel the same way, but not enough people are actually concerned about it, like you said in your post.

  2. kaylac0017 says :

    When I was looking through the articles written by this class, I saw your title and it honestly made me want to read it. The title “Who turned on the lights” is so creative for what you are talking about in your article. Great job! Your referring to your lights being “turned off” before you learned about Global Warming, was genius. As well as your title, your word choice was phenomenal! Fantastic job!

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