I think that these facts that Al Gore is showing in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, are true to what man is doing in the real world. He shows us how bad global warming can be. Global warming can be worldwide and it is not great that we have to go through these changes in the future and it will affect the whole world. The whole world is in danger of global warming because if Greenland melts and West Antarctica melts, some countries could flood entirely. It’s not a good sight to see what man is doing to other countries of people because we are the cause of the melting, we are the cause of the atmosphere changing composition, and we are the cause of these changes that are happening in the future and it is not good to see what is coming to earth.

We can use things in the world that can be safe for the environment. People are the main cause of global warming and I think that we can figure out a solution to stop it. It is good that people in certain cities in the U.S take the initiative to save the environment, but now we need to come in as a whole to save our environment.

I don’t understand why we fight for our civil rights, our independence, and our perseverance in our country, but we can’t fight global warming by making one change? We are going through a serious problem and it is worldwide. We made a lot of changes, drafted, and persevered to find men and train men for the war, but we can’t make environmentally-safe cars, make fossil fuels environmentally safe, etc. We need to persevere to make our environment safe.

If we keep this problem going, it could also raise the sea level. The sea level could raise 60 feet for more and could flood some major cities and some countries that live by the ocean. If this keeps up, Greenland and West Antarctica could melt and could flood countries in the world and even some major cities in the U.S. We need to fix this problem, but if we don’t, we will have to get out bathing suit and WE WILL BE GOING SWIMMING !!!!


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3 responses to “WE ARE GOING SWIMMING !!!!”

  1. that70sgirl13 says :

    I love that you mentioned how America has made history throughout wars and movements in the past, yet we haven’t combated global warming yet.

  2. Grant says :

    Great post Zay. I like how you mentioned different things not just all about global warming but you made found things that it would affect and you talked about those. I really enjoyed reading your post.

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