Are You Sure?

I found the movie An Inconvenient Truth  to be very interesting. The movie really makes you think about the world and what we have done to it. I think that what we as humans, have done to the earth is very amazing yet devastating at the same time. All the scientists are saying that we are in the hottest time that the world has ever experienced and yet I wonder, “how do you know?” I just do not understand how scientists know that it is so hot now and so much hotter than it has ever been.

I really don’t understand how they can say that it is the hottest it has ever been on the earth because they don’t know how hot it was three ice ages ago. They have equipment that they might think can know what the temperature was back then, but they have no idea. Their equipment, math, ideas may all be wrong, and they have know way to tell if they are wrong or right. No one was alive back then, so there are no records of the temperature or what was happening or if it was hot or cold. They have nothing, no idea.

I think that if the world was the hottest it has ever been and that it was going to melt all the ice, kill polar bears and slowly but surely destroy the earth then God would do something about it. I do not think that God would let the earth get destroyed by us humans; I think that he would put a stop to global warming in a heartbeat. We don’t know if thats how the earth works. This may be how the earth works: it may get really hot, then we have an ice age and it gets hot again, and it just cycles through. We don’t know. Are we sure of any of our studies?


4 responses to “Are You Sure?”

  1. John Cook says :

    Actually, the world has been hotter than current conditions. The most recent period was the Eemian, around 120,000 years ago. At that time, global temperatures were around 1 degree Celsius warmer than current conditions. So what was the Earth like then? Sea levels were at least 6 metres higher than now. Much of the Greenland ice sheet had melted. To put this in perspective, 1 degree of warming is less than the most optimistic emission scenarios even if society aggressively work hard to reduce emissions now:

  2. faizanb0017 says :

    You give an interesting point. However scientists do have a way to check if the ice core readings are accurate. What happens when ice is formed in the Arctic is that one layer falls on top of the other. This creates a record of the time from the first snowfall to the last snowfall. All scientists have to do to check the data is to compare data on the ice core from a year in the 21st century to the actual readings of that year. If they match or are in the same range, then we can assume safely that the data of the earlier years is correct. Of course we could be wrong, but there is a small chance of that.

  3. austinh0017 says :

    You may be right about how the math could have been inaccurate and that we do not know what the temperature was back then, but we do depend on modern technology these days and that is mostly what we have to rely on. So it really depends on how carefully or specifically they took there observations and data. So I agree with you in how the “inconvenient truth’s” data could be wrong if they did not have experts collecting the data.

  4. Grant says :

    Thank you everyone for your input. I will think about what you have said and incorporate things I agree with into my next post.

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