What Is All The Fuss About?

This is the main controversy over global warming: “Are Humans causing it?” Well, instead of having a big debate over it, lets look at what emits the most CO2. The movie The Great Global Warming Swindle claims that humans actually emit very little of the CO2 on earth today. They said that most of the CO2 is coming from Mother Nature.

Natural CO2 sources can include large concentrations from volcanic activity vegetation and other natural resources, but main no human contributors are the oceans. They contribute a lot to the emissions of CO2, but the question is, “How much CO2 does nature emit compared to how much humans are emitting today?”

Other than natural causes, humans are said to be having a large effect on CO2 and that is causing the temperature to rise. Some causes of human emitted CO2 are from chemical operations, transportation, deforestation and the manufacture of other products. So humans may have many causes that emit CO2, but it depends on how much of a factor they are in the big picture.

The Great Global Warming Swindle and other resources said, that humans accounted for a very small amount of CO2 emissions. To be exact, Oceans alone contain 37,400 GT (aka: billion tons) of carbon dioxide, and humans only contribute 6GT of carbon dioxide. So when you compare those two, oceans contribute so much more than humans do and oceans have been here all along. So how could humans possibly be affecting the earth when they are only contributing so little?

On top of the fact that humans contribute so little to the CO2 emissions, CO2 is such a small component of the atmosphere itself. CO2 is only .03% of the earth’s atmosphere so even if humans emitted a lot of CO2 it would not contribute to the atmosphere very much at all. So when you add together all of the factors together, you just have to ask yourself “How could humans be the cause of global warming?”


4 responses to “What Is All The Fuss About?”

  1. John Cook says :

    This is actually a common but false myth. Nature is in balance – the oceans and trees emit lots of CO2 but they also absorb roughly the same amount of CO2. That’s why for the last 10,000 years, CO2 levels have been quite steady. What we’re doing is upsetting the balance. Since the industrial revolution when humans started emitting large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, the amount of atmospheric CO2 has increased by 40%. For more info, see http://sks.to/co2

    Also, while CO2 comprises only 0.04% of the atmosphere (to be precise, 394 parts per million), over 99% of the atmosphere is oxygen and nitrogen which aren’t greenhouse gases. Imagine holding an election in a town of 1000 people where only 10 people voted. Obviously a few people will have a big influence on the result, even through they’re just a small number amongst 1000 people. The key fact to realise here is that the greenhouse effect is an empirically measured fact – satellites measure less heat escaping out to space at the exact wavelengths that greenhouse gases like CO2 absorb energy. For more info, see http://sks.to/trace and http://sks.to/agw

    When you add together our understanding of the science and the empirical evidence, it’s very clear that humans are the cause of global warming.

    • austinh0017 says :

      Thank you for the info. And I have one question for you. “How much CO2 would humans have to produce to really upset that balance in nature?”

  2. Forrest Martin says :

    I totally agree with you, Austin. One thing besides your article that convinced me is the fact that my dad told me (and I verified) that dogs have a bigger CO2 emission than a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. So I think your right in saying, “How could the humans be behind global warming?”

  3. adamw0017 says :

    After reading your passage, I really agree with what you are saying. The one fact that was mentioned in your post that was really important to me was that the ocean emits 37,400 GT whereas humans only produce 6GT of carbon dioxide. This was really fascinating to me because of all of the people who say that humans are causing global warming is really proven false with that one fact.

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