Are Cars A Thing of the Past The Debate About Whether Cars Cause Too Much CO2

Whenever people talk about CO2 or global warming to me the first thing that I always think of is “Why does this happen?” Many people say that global warming is in large part due to people driving cars so much and our general dependance on automobiles. Whenever people bring that up, a typical response is “People should just ride bikes everywhere.” I have never thought that this was a good idea because nobody would ever think about biking everywhere to stop something they might not believe in. Even though I believe that global warming is caused by humans, some people would differ

People who are concerned about global warming always say that if you are close to a certain place then there is no reason to drive there when you can walk, or bike. And if you have to drive, there is no reason to take two when you can take one. However, when anyone says this to me, I cannot help but laugh. I do not ever think that the day will come when people do not drive cars. Not only do cars help you get from point A to point B more quickly, people also talk about how cool a certain car is and go buy it. In fact some people even collect cars for a hobby like (Shaquille O’Neal). I just cannot see a day where no one uses cars.

I also do not think people will stop driving because some people do not even think that global warming is human caused. Think of it this way; if somebody said if you eat candy you will get cancer, some superstitious people would not eat candy. However, there would be some people that would know that this is bogus and still eat candy. The people that would continue to eat candy are the same people that are going to continue to drive. Because they will think that “even if global warming is going on I cannot do anything about it because it is not anthropogenic.”

There are just too many people who like everything about driving. Unfortunately I would not know how driving feels yet, but from what I have heard it is fantastic. Because of this not every single person on planet earth is going to stop driving. If this is the main cause of global warming, we might be in a whole lot of trouble in the coming years.


4 responses to “Are Cars A Thing of the Past The Debate About Whether Cars Cause Too Much CO2”

  1. benb0017 says :

    What you are claiming is that lots of people don’t believe global warming exists. Most people definitely believe it exists, the question is whether or not global warming is anthropogenic. I do enjoy your argument about cars, though, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. No one will just stop driving cars altogether, if they have a choice.

  2. johns0117 says :

    I agree with Ben that people do believe that there is global warming, but I think that they do not consider it to be a problem for the present. I think that if global warming suddenly became really bad and lots of ice melted, then I think that people might start to take action, but I definitely agree with you on the fact that not many people would stop using cars.

  3. annah0017 says :

    It’s definitely true that people won’t give up cars; they’re simply too useful, and for some, like you pointed out, lots of people just enjoy having cars. It’s the same reason people won’t start taking significantly shorter showers. We just love those kind of things too much. We can alter them, but try to change them drastically and people won’t want to comply.

  4. ajaym0017 says :

    Thank you guys for commenting on my post I read all of your guys comments and I have edited my post according to the comments.


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