Are We Wrong?

I think that the reason for the global warming is different than it was in 2005 in the movie An Inconvenient Truth. I believe that now there is even more human responsibility than there was then. More people depend on more things that pollute the environment than they used to. I think that the reason for global warming is all the factories that we now count on. There is so much smog in the air that you can’t even see the stars. If the US was that much more a cause of global warming than anyone else, then we must be off the charts now.

I think that the general public thinks that global warming wasn’t human caused because they don’t want to admit that they contributed to the problem. People like to be right and not be causing major problems. Obviously they would have said that they believed they didn’t do it because thats what they wanted to believe. When humans do something wrong they try to cover it up. When they can’t cover it up anymore they just come up with something that someone else did wrong. Then when people think that someone else did something wrong, the focus turns completely.

The scientists have actually been studying and watching global warming for years. They know more of what is causing it than the general public. They have the facts and data that proves otherwise. The general public doesn’t want to believe that they have messed up.


9 responses to “Are We Wrong?”

  1. isabellat0017 says :

    This is great Eliza. I think that your point rings true; that we as a people dont want it on our conscience that we are messing up Mother Earth.

  2. kaylac0017 says :

    I agree with Isabella. I could relate to your writing in many ways. I think that you hit it spot on, because it is very true that humans don’t want to admit that they are doing something that is crippling the environment. Great job!

  3. faizanb0017 says :

    That is very true. Humanity is very proud of itself. We don’t like being wrong. But as Martin Luther King once said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” So we must fight our urge to be right and make sure we do not betray ourselves, our species, and our children and grandchildren. When we are old, will we be able to answer them and say,”I did everything I could.” Because if we can’t, than we have already failed.

    “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”
    ~ Isaac Asimov

  4. laurenm0017 says :

    I agree completely. Pride takes place of right and wrong. Worrying about what others will thinks harms you more. After watching many videos and reading different views it seems like global warning is more of a political argument or a fight over who is right rather than what is right.

  5. Grant says :

    I completely agree with you Eliza. I agree with your writing and it gave me a look at other peoples thoughts, aside from my own. That was a great quote that I think will really help me learn more.

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