Can WE Form a Decision?

Something that has become apparent while watching An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle is the fact that todays world is so biased that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to form your own opinion. For example, people like Sean Hannity try to be as biased as possible and throws his conservative beliefs at you while other people like Keith Olbermann will try to make you believe in his liberal views. With that in mind, I feel that the only way that you can truly form your own opinion is by looking through science journals yourself and comparing evidence without the help of any news media outlets that are trying to promote their own agenda. Because of such bias and ignorance, 54% of people in the United States assume their knowledge about this particular subject is superior than 97% of climate scientists.

The political affiliation of a person who is making an assertion acts as a variable of the way people form their opinion about a subject. For instance, some people say that since Al Gore is a political figure, he did not know enough about global warming to be able to make a movie about it. Here’s what I ask these people, “Do you really think that Mr. Gore was the one who researched everything?” Multiple times, he says that it was the climate scientists who did the research. By saying this, he considers himself a spokesman for the scientist on this issue, a well informed one for that matter.

All of this being said, I don’t believe that it changes the fact that there is an overwhelming pile of evidence that mankind is causing global warming and that people have to cross the party lines in order to save the earth. How could some people argue against or stay in complete denial with many different extensive amount of scientific research presenting charts and graphs, supported with their complete sources, proofs, and calculations do not prove that we’ve been going through a dramatic decrease in sea ice from 1978 to 2012?

If global warming was just a cycle–as the opponents claim–why do we continue getting these unprecedented and natural weather disasters in the past few decades? Skeptics believe that plants release more CO2 than Humans, but if that’s true, nothing should have changed in the earth’s environment. Why are we experiencing events that have never happend on this planet before? The fact is that in the year 1990, the United States released 4,879,376 thousand metric tons of CO2. In 2009, we released 5,299,563 thousand metric tons of CO2; thats a difference of 420,187 thousand metric tons.  The earth was not made for humans to have machines that let out that much CO2 to pollute the planet; the longer we keep burning fossil fuels, the more CO2 we release and the harder it is for us to solve this problem.



4 responses to “Can WE Form a Decision?”

  1. zaym0017 says :

    I agree with you Arman, but this kinda still leaves the question, why is there such a big difference in percent between the climate scientist and the general public ? I really think it’s the human race and we need to start making environmentally-safe things, so we can cut down on global warming.

    • ArmanV0017 says :

      First of all, thank you for your comment! I completely agree with you when you say that we need to start developing technology that doesn’t rely on the burning of fossil fuels so that we can slow down human caused global warming. I think that the reason there is such a big difference between the scientists and the general public is just because of ignorance.

  2. that70sgirl13 says :

    This is a great post. I love how Arman isn’t biased, because he found blame on both sides. How he used scientific data to power his last paragraph (about how humans shouldn’t keep emitting so much CO2 into the atmosphere) is especially interesting to me. And, to answer the question in the title, I think that it would be great if the general public and real scientists (who aren’t being paid underneath the table or biased) could work together. Global warming is so controversial after politics are involved.

  3. brannona0017 says :

    I agree. If it weren’t for politics this whole thing would be a lot more east to understand. I also like your hyper links.

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