Alright, I’m officially confused

Anyone who has watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”,  then the movie “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, and of course after that “The Big Swindle”, would be saying this when asked what they truthfully thought about global warming. See Al Gore in “Inconvenient Truth” made it blatantly clear that global warming is happening, right now, because of human carbon dioxide emissions, and it’s going to be a problem. Then you have some Englishmen completely contradicting Al and his presentations, saying that global warming is all just a hoax and that people are doing nothing really wrong, that everything is warming because of solar activity, and that the earth has been “a lot bloody warmer than it is now”. Third, we’ve got the makers of  “The Big Swindle” completely crushing “The Great Global Warming Swindle” showing how they’ve manipulated graphs and even scientists themselves to making the scientific information work for their purposes! That’s pretty messed up.

Almost all of the information is pointing towards global warming being very real, very dangerous, and very much our fault. No one really contradicts this anymore, at least not many climate scientist. Come on American public/Politicians! See the facts! I don’t know about people in other countries reading this but if you don’t believe in it or at least want to know more why read these blog posts? So I’m guessing we’re all on the same page about the earth warming right? Anyway I am beginning to seriously doubt that some recycling is going to help this massive problem. And anyone out there thinking “Oh, i’ll be long dead before this happens,” i want to ask you something. What about your children? Your nieces and nephews? What about all the people who’s lives haven’t started yet who’s future is going to be very high seas and very, very high temperatures? And the fact is it probably will happen to you! You may be old but it’s still going to happen! How about people in Africa? Where temperatures are already smoldering and water is already scarce?

Just think about that, because throwing a plastic bottle into the recycling bin every once in a while isn’t just going to make this problem disappear. I think that spreading the word  would make more of a difference maybe instead if 1 bottle it was 2 million? Or maybe not just one bike getting the dust rubbed off but 30,000?I’m not trying to sound cliche or anything but maybe we can make a difference if enough people knew about the problem.

Then again, it’s also possible you are just as confused as I am about global warming, or you are just trying to work up the money to do something. Either way at least we know about it, right? Better than living ignorant and then we look at the charts and see that polar bears have just died off, or that in the last 10 years while everyone has tried to warn us, the sea level has risen 18 meters…. right?


2 responses to “Alright, I’m officially confused”

  1. Colby says :

    Isabelled, I love your post. It is very humorous and has a great tone to it. However I have a bit of a different view on global warming. I fully believe that global warming is happening, but I feel a lot less urgency. Let’s say that the sea level rises 50 feet by 2025. The world would naturaly adapt to this, and if it didn’t, people would. The water would move inland, and people would build further inland. I know that this sounds like procrastination, but really, it is adaptation. As for our children, they won’t be affected, neither will our grandchildren. And if you are 90 years old, how much do you really know your great grandchildren? The world will adapt, and even though this seems like impending doom, all of our loved ones (including ourselves) will be long gone.

    • isabelled0017 says :

      Thanks for your comment, it made me think a little bit, but I still stand by what i posted. And I have to say my great grandmother knew me AND my siblings very well and we were very close. Also, I guess this is true about continuing progression inland, but what about when there is no more space to build and the population is still expanding? I personally want my children to have as big of a world as they can imagine, and if 90% of it is covered by water, their world will be a lot smaller than ours won’t it? As for our loved ones, well we can love a lot of people that will have to live in that future, families do continue on even if under a different surname, and I love anyone who is part of those generations of my family as well as the ones I will know. Thanks so much for reading my post though, I definitely appreciate it.

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