Fraudulent Science: Can Climatologists Be Trusted?

Last week, we finished watching The Great Global Warming Swindle and as a contradictory footnote, we watched the clip The Big Swindle Movie. Before watching The Big Swindle Movie, I was pretty much convinced that Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth was false and that humans are not at fault for global warming. But as soon as we finished TBSM I was convinced otherwise because of the amount of false evidence used in TGGWS. According to TBSM, some of the interviews of well-known scientists were manipulated and twisted by the producers to fit their needs for the film.

In TBSM, Peter Sinclair shows a few graphs where the producers of TGGWS did not give proper credit to the makers of the graphs and the collectors of the data. Also, when the makers of TGGWS interviewed Carl Wunsch they manipulated the way that his response was put into the film so that it appeared as if he was saying that humans were not the cause of massive rises of CO2 in the ocean and that the CO2 levels were perfectly fine. But he later commented and said that he had not meant it that way, but he had meant it as a warning to humans about the level of CO2 in the ocean.

According to a Rasmussen Reports study, 69% of the people polled thought that is was likely climatologists fake their results about global warming. Only 22% thought it was unlikely, which is a very small number compared to the 69% of naysayers. This shows how little the public trusts climate scientists when it comes to global warming. The study is a very good representation of how many people trust the trained scientists to do the jobs that they went to college for, and how many would rather trust their opinions.

After watching all of these films, I think that my opinion in the matter of fraud in science is different than before. Now, I realize that scientists will do whatever it takes to get publicity or more funding or a bigger grant. The climatologists who are in TGGWS even went so far as to try to silence their co-workers or employees who made discoveries that went against their beliefs and research. The public opinion on fraudulence is against them, most of the data proves this fact, and yet the climatologists don’t try to do anything to help that opinion get any better.


4 responses to “Fraudulent Science: Can Climatologists Be Trusted?”

  1. Colby says :

    Forrestm, I completely agree with what you are saying. Like you, I did not believe that anthropogenic climate change was a direct result of human Co2 output. However, I stand corrected, because as I have become more informed, I have also become more aware.

  2. michaelm0017 says :

    Forrestm I totally agree with you in that scientists will bend the truth or just plain lie to get publicity or more money. I also believe that because of all the lying the general public has been very confused. Since most Republicans believe it isn’t a major issue or just isn’t happening and most Democrats believe the opposite, the general public has simply sided with their party. This explains why the general public is about 50/50 on the argument instead of 97/3.

  3. edwardh0017 says :

    I agree with you one hundred percent on your side with this one forrestm. The only thing that I would say is that I think you abbreviated a lot and it may have been a little better to maybe write out the whole word. Overall good post.

  4. ajaym0017 says :

    I totally agree with you forrestm on the the fact that a lot of people do not believe climate scientists especially on things that are very debatable. For example the output of human CO2. Even though I do think global warming is anthropogenic it is a very touchy topic. One thing to change is you might want to put the hyperlinks in a new tab when you open it.

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