Complacency At its Finest

Why isn’t the world taking responsibility for their actions? Why isn’t the world realizing that they could be making disastrous outcomes because of global warming?

People don’t generally want to believe that they could possibly be harming the huge world they live in. People everywhere do not want to believe that they could be causing damage that could get to a point beyond repair. Although no one wants to think that they are harming the world, we could be causing a substantial part of global warming that could cause devastating effects. The media could also be having an effect on how the world thinks of the issue.

When surveyed, a very high number of climatologists believe global warming is happening, and that humans are the cause of most of it. When compared to that, a startling number of the general public disagrees. Although there is more than enough of global warming coverage in the media, the right things might not have been shown. There are many opinions being thrown out, but there probably haven’t been enough people stating scientific facts. If climatologists would regularly report what they had found, maybe people would be forced to think about it. They would feel like they had to do something about it.

Another issue is that none of the people living well want to have to change. Whenever someone wants to help the environment they could take shorter showers, recycle, etc. Although those are good starting steps, there are many more ways to help. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to have to change even that much. It would have to drastically change some people’s lifestyles. Some people don’t even want to drive in a smaller car.


4 responses to “Complacency At its Finest”

  1. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    I have to agree with you on this one Alex. I also think that the media covers up all the evidence of global warming and if the scientist have the chance to come out publicly and reveal their results then it will be near impossible to be funded for anymore of their research.

  2. brannona0017 says :

    I agree. I think some people are in denial because they just can’t handle that they could be destroying the earth. Even if they did accept most people could not just stop using greenhouse gases. In response to kmlewis’s comment, I think that some media is trying to minimize global warming too much and some sources are blowing it way out of proportion. Good post alexc.

  3. isabelled0017 says :

    You know it’s really true. People think that they’ve done enough to help and have kind of stopped there, saying “Hey i did my part.” It’s funny how people think like that while that tiny minority is taking action on their own.

    p.s. nice vocabulary word 😉

  4. alexc0017 says :

    People do stop after they’ve done one thing. Every year a number of schools have a challenge to see who can save the much energy in a month or so. But that’s the only time we ever try that hard. If we could all try to conserve energy every single day of the year, that would get people’s mindset into helping the world. I hope we can all try out bests to help out the world.

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