America: The Coal Hog

When I listen to the news and hear politicians promising that we will use more clean coal, I stop and think one thing: coal is not clean. All the people who make promises about clean coal are distorting the truth.

We are the Saudi Arabia of coal. 50% of our energy comes from coal. But the media forgets to mention that in 2010 power plants produced 2, 324 million metric tons of CO2. If these facts are true, why are they not being mentioned? Why do people cover up these facts about coal, just like other people cover up the truth about global warming?

One of the main reasons that people do not believe that climate scientists agree is incredibly simple: certain people do not want the true facts to be known.  The big coal companies like Peabody Energy don’t want people to know the truth about coal, because it would mean less business for them. In 2008 35 million dollars were spent to advertise “clean coal” These big companies that advertise clean coal are the exact ones that benefit from these misconceptions.

The façade of “clean coal” is similar to the wall of misinformation around global warming. Movies like the Great Global Warming Swindle helped create the misconception that most climate scientists agree that global warming does not exist.

Our country is a media-driven machine. There was this incredibly interesting quote from the Big Swindle Movie that is especial relevant. “On the Internet (or the media) nobody knows you’re a fraud”.  If an important person puts a false statement in the media, most people who support the person assumes its true.  If the media tried to check the facts before they presented them, not so many outrageous claims would become stated fact.


7 responses to “America: The Coal Hog”

  1. laurenm0017 says :

    I love your blog post but I disagree with one thing. When you say that people don’t want the truth to be known I believe that they would be fine with the true facts being known as long as their own “truth’s” are “correct”.

    • isabellat0017 says :

      Lauren I agree with part of your comment about most people want to be right but, some people as I pointed out in the post benefit from this mis-conception.

  2. johnsmith0910 says :

    Isabella, I think your post covers an interesting topic but it leaves out a few important details. 1) That the few energy scources that we have are the only ones that are efficient but what you state in your post is correct. Coal does emit more C02 than oil. 2) I also disagree with your position on the media. Some media sources need to be evaluated, some need to be discarded, and some are worthy of the high standard that most Americans hold the news today.

    • isabellat0017 says :

      Thank you for taking your time to write a comment on my post. You are correct about the media. My generalization was incorrect, but your view on coal is questionable. I think that with the correct balance of different green energy sources along with coal and oil will reduce our emission levels.

  3. Kris Everett says :

    Hey Isabella,
    You did a wonderful job on the article. This is just an “I think,” and there will be a lot of people that disagree with me. I feel that most of the problems with the topic is world view.
    There are those who believe that there is a problem, and those who believe that there isn’t. Both sides can look at the same information and see different results. The same information can then be made to present different points of view depending on what the presenters bias, or the audience that they are presenting to.
    Do we have problems with our current methods of making energy? Yes. Do we need changes? Yes. Can we do it at this time afford-ably? Not yet.The fact that nothing has cheaply come around to replace coal should be a clue as to the size of the problem. Yes there is solar, but the sun is not always shinning, yes there is wind, but the wind is not always blowing, (these are just a couple of alternates) so there needs to be a backup power generator running all the time to cover the losses. Also the people with money want the renewable energy, but don’t want to have it within view of their property. As I have been told, this is partly why power costs more per kw/hr with these than from standard sources. Plus there are the costs associated with the development of the technology, implementation, and placement. Science is just not there yet to fill in the gaps.
    This part is partly off topic. People that have the finances to fund the research development and placement find that tearing apart people that oppose their views is more important. This occurs on both sides of the argument. You are also correct that Politicians and Lobbyists are part of the problem. A big part on both sides of the argument! When they quit working for the people and are more concerned with their career, they need to get out of Political office, and out of the Lobby. Unfortunately I feel that most of the them that we have now are more concerned for their pockets than our well being. Instead of funding fighting each other, we should just fund the correction to the problem. However, tearing apart the opposing side is the way that they chose to operate on both sides. Covering up the real needs and putting out a personal attacks, each more vile than the last, to hide real motives New leadership is some of the answer, though I am sure we will not agree completely with the solution. Renewable clean energy is a good start though.The people need to retake control of the Government and stop the wasteful personal arguing they currently do and focus the money we give them to fix our problems.
    Good job on the article though. Keep it up! Remember this is just my opinion.

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