Not WHOM to blame, but HOW to stop!!

Watching the Great Global Warming Swindle it was hard to figure out whom to believe. Everything they were saying was contradicting each other and they were just saying that the other person was wrong. Climate Scientists were saying that global warming was not happening and if it was, there is nothing we could do about it because humans were not the cause. Journalists and political figures are saying that global warming was happening and they had to do something to stop it as soon as they could. I think that we should believe the climate scientists because they know a lot more than most journalists because they study it everyday and they have a lot of background knowledge. Journalists just want to make a good story and make money. They take the extreme and tell it to the people so that their story gets a big hit. It would be more of a wow factor story if it involves things that need to be done.

Everybody has his or her own opinion about global warming. Some people think that humans are the cause of it and others think that global warming isn’t happening. No matter how we debate over this it will not change the fact that we are one of the leading countries of CO2 users compared to other countries. It may or may not be affecting our environment, but either way it isn’t right to be using this much CO2.

We need to stop focusing on whom to blame. We need to take responsibility for our actions and put a stop to it while we still can. We are wasting so much time and energy debating who to accuse but more on the subject of how to change. Compared to other leading countries we are definitely the leaders for most C02 usage. As you can see in this graph it shows that the U.S is the second top ranked annual CO2 emission. Considering the fact that we are much smaller than most of the high ranked CO2 emmisioned states, it is unhealthy for the U.S to be number two.

We need to start with the little stuff: For instance, Turning off the Heater/ AC when we can open a window, cutting back the use of our cars, and having everyone pitch in on being GREEN. The website and organization, Go Green Initiative, has ways to help you get started on making your life GREEN.

So stop pointing fingers and making assumptions, and put a stop to this unhealthy way of living.


3 responses to “Not WHOM to blame, but HOW to stop!!”

  1. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    I completely agree with you, we need to do something about the problem not waste time with who caused it. If the problem is really that bad than it won’t matter who made the biggest difference.

  2. christinel0017 says :

    I agree with you. We need to focus more on fixing the problem rather than debating who is right. I like how you said we should start with the little ways to help make our planet greener.

  3. zaym0017 says :

    I agree that we need to stop global warming, and we need to stop blaming people for the cause, but instead put a stop to it, Great JOB, CEK !

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