All Solar Activity Causes Warming… Right?

The Great Global Warming Swindle makes a pretty impressive argument. The narrator says that solar activity, as in sunspot frequency, could be contributing significantly to the warming. The movie even shows a graph that looks very convincing. The temperature line and the solar activity line obviously correlate very closely.

After looking a little closer, something seems off. The solar activity line stops before 1980. In the youtube video, The Big Swindle Movie, Peter Sinclair found out that when journalists had researched about and extended the lines, the temperature rose sharply and the solar activity line drops off. In other words, Martin Durkin, the maker of the film is  cherry-picking, taking the data that supports his position and omitting the data that conflicts with his position.

In fact, a number of independent measurements of solar activity indicate the sun has shown a slight cooling trend since 1960, over the same period that global temperatures have been warming. Over the last 35 years of global warming, sun and climate have been moving in opposite directions. An analysis of solar trends concluded that the sun has actually contributed a slight cooling influence in recent decades.

The quote above from Skeptical Science’s article shows that not only is the sun not warming the earth, it might even be cooling the earth slightly. The theory about solar activity from The Great Global Warming Swindle cannot just be a mistake. Whether Martin Durkin is just too stubborn to admit that he could be wrong, or he is getting funded for his position, he are obviously hiding the truth.

With the misconceptions aside, we can try to form our own opinions regarding global warming. We can research the evidence and look at it from both viewpoints, and then decide for ourselves what we believe to be true. We should not allow biased movies to convince us to believe a certain position. Whether or not people decide to believe in anthropogenic climate change, it is a proven fact that the temperatures now are higher than the temperatures ever have been historically and there is clearly a reason for those warmer temperatures. 

When you realize you can not completely trust The Great Global Warming Swindle, who do you trust? Does anyone know good sources of reliable people. One good source could be the IPCC, the International Panel on Climate Change.


One response to “All Solar Activity Causes Warming… Right?”

  1. maryt0017 says :

    This is a very interesting thing for you to mention, and I am glad that you did. I was not aware that the solar activity levels had nothing to do with global warming, and that they might even be cooling the earth. But now I just wonder why the makers of The Great Global Warming Swindle would change the data. Why do they want people to think that global warming is not happening?

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