When our class learned that a staggering ninety-seven percent of climate scientists believe global warming is anthropogenic, I think many of us had our minds made up then and there that global warming had to be caused by humans. If only three percent believed global warming is caused naturally, of course it was anthropogenic.

But then you compare that ninety-seven percent of climate scientists to the fifty-two percent of the public who believe humans cause climate change. That’s a difference of forty-five percent. Why?

Well, I know I temporarily forgot that the three percent of climate scientists were just, well, three percent. Our class watched The Great Global Warming Swindle recently, to see both sides of the argument. As a counterattack, if you will, to An Inconvenient Truth, the movie presents a convincing case, but when examined further, it falls apart. Maybe the public doesn’t know how fragile the explanation The Great Global Warming Swindle presents. Maybe someone grew up in a household that didn’t believe in global warming, and therefore doesn’t either. Maybe they just don’t want to accept the idea we might be damaging our home. Maybe we won’t ever know why half the public disagrees with the majority of the climate scientists.

I’ve grown up in a household open to new ideas and concepts. I’ve gone to two great schools and have met great people. I don’t have to worry about going without. I’m very, very lucky. Because of this luck, I’ve been exposed to both sides of the argument and have seen both sides of the argument torn to shreds. Perhaps, when people haven’t been exposed to all the facts, they revert to a natural defense: to pretend something isn’t happening and run away. Running may be an exaggeration, but I think we, the human race, oftentimes pretend things don’t exist to save us the pain of acknowledging the facts. I know I have several times. I think, at some point in our lives, we all have. It’s easier to close our eyes and fall asleep than open them and wake up to face the world.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m over-thinking this.


5 responses to “Running”

  1. epdwilliams says :

    I love the voice in your piece. I can HEAR you! I think my favorite part is actually when you say, “I am very, very lucky.” That second very provides a telling nugget of voice!

    Now, however, I want to hear more. I am curious about your reaction to this. Does the gap make you mad? Does it make you scared? Does it make you want to act? (If so, in what way?).

    I think you’ve presented the problem perfectly…. now I’m curious about what you want to do to fix it, if anything…..

  2. johns0117 says :

    This is a really interesting post and I really agree with it. Humans really don’t like to be blamed for anything. We like to think that we are perfect and there is nothing wrong with the world, but deep down inside, we all know that we are just running away from the bad stuff in this world, just like you said.

    One thing I want to know though, is what can we do about it? I mean its not like we can just completely stop using cars and other things. That in itself could be an apocalypse. Maybe humans aren’t running away from global warming because they think it is easier to do that. Maybe they are running away from it because we know that there is not much we can do about it and we don’t like not knowing how to do anything.

    • annah0017 says :

      That’s a good point. We definitely don’t like not knowing things, that’s why we’ve made the advances we have (plus they make life easier). But I do think we can do things, but nothing as big as getting rid of cars. Like you said, that’d completely change so many things we do. But getting fuel efficient cars wouldn’t change a whole lot. Lots of little steps can make a big difference.

  3. elizam0017 says :

    I really think that it was great how you incorporated some of your own personal story. It was a really well written post! I really feel like I could trust what you had to say. You could almost hear the sincerity in your voice even though it was just writing. I loved it!

  4. isabelled0017 says :

    I love how you make those personal connections its makes the post feel much more you. And it’s ok, i don’t think you’re over-thinking this at all

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