Almost a year ago, a great tragedy hit the Gulf. A deep water oil rig had a malfunction, and it resulted in 4.4 million barrels of oil being leaked into the ocean. Some people predicted that it could throw off the Gulf ecosystem. Others predicted it would travel a far north as North Carolina.

We got very lucky. Our first bit of luck was that unlike the Exxon Valdez spill most of the oil stayed on the bottom of the ocean, preventing terrible affects on marshes. National Geographic states “Due to the spill’s deepwater origin and some fortuitous calm weather, most Gulf Coast beaches and wetlands escaped the kind of catastrophic oiling that many had feared.” Our second bit of luck is that the Gulf Loop Current was not strong enough to take the Crude oil around the tip of Florida.

Although we got lucky we did not stay damage free. One of the worst, if not the worst, effects of the oil spill was the damage to the local economy. When the oil spilled, tourists were scared to go to beaches on the gulf, scared to stay in the gulf, and scared of seafood from the gulf. Tourism and seafood are the Gulf’s two biggest businesses. “In a region still reeling from Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf oil spill was a heavy blow that left fishers stranded ashore for months and hotel rooms and restaurants empty.” says National Geographic. Even now, almost a year after the spill, some stores will not buy crab or shrimp from any of the states affected by the spill.

So how does all this relate to global warming?

This all relates to global warming for one reason. That one reason is the economy. When this man made-disaster hit, thousands were put out of a job or had to relocate. What would happen if a disaster such as this where to occur,fueled by global warming were to occur. Even in a disaster that was contained very well, the affected areas will lose an estimated 1.2 billion dollars in revenue. If this is a small scale event what happens when it goes world wide.This is a sign that if we do not take care of the environment it will come back and bite us in the butt. So what does America want to do, start taking care of the environment, or get bit?

Heres a poll to show me what you think about the affect of global warming on the economy.


2 responses to “Spillage”

  1. ArmanV0017 says :

    Brannon, I think that you just brought our blogging to a whole new level. I love the Poll and I think that it was a genius idea. I also love how you have the link under the picture for people to go to. I think that next time however, you should say what you feel; ie: Do YOU think that global warming will have an effect on our global economy.

    • brannona0017 says :

      Thanks Arman. I will use that for my next blog. To answer your question I do think that global warming will have an affect on the economy.

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