A Whirlwind of Confusion

I am begininning to think that maybe the majority of global warming is a big hoax. Some scientists believe that Al Gore is wrong, some believe that he is lying, and some feel that they know everything. If there are any scientists out there that are reading this and thinking to your selves that this girl has no idea what she is talking about, then I am cool with that; just no rude comments please : ). Anyways, Learning about who is right and wrong, and reading articles, blogs and watching videos and movies, are starting to make a constant cycle – a tornado, a whirlwind. You learn about one persons view on global warming, you share some really good thoughts, and them BAM! You see and interesting article contradicting what you just learned about. So then you go on and share some more thoughts and then you guessed it, a video link shows up on the middle of the page begging for you to click on it. Then the cycle starts over again.

The National Geographic web article, which was published about a year after the movie [An Inconvenient Truth] came out, one of the opening sentences to this article was:

The message in An Inconvenient Truth, the new movie starring former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, is clear: Humans are causing global warming, and the effects are devastating.

I thought it was interesting how the article says that humans are causing global warming. Yes, part of this problem is our fault, but all of this can’t be our destruction. Animals [especially cows], factories, and other things give off C02 also. In addition, the majority of the hyper links led back to their own website. Although Nat Geo covers a lot of topics about the world,  and everyday things, but I think this has led me to watching out for bias.


7 responses to “A Whirlwind of Confusion”

  1. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    Great post Chelsea. I really like the “this girl has no idea what she’s talking about.” Pretty funny. But yes, it does seem like that’s all we hear, this scientist thinks this and the other scientist thinks this, but wait no, this movie said that. Also, it could be a large number of things causing global warming, but will it make a difference if we try and stop it?

  2. carolinem0017 says :

    I completely agree with you Chelsea, I feel like there is a ton of information that I have had to absorb about global warming so far, and it is becoming very much like a whirlwind. I still do not know what I should and shouldn’t believe. Also, I thought your voice really shined through in this post. Similar to what kmlewis quoted, I love how you stated-

    “If there are any scientists out there that are reading this and thinking to your selves that this girl has no idea what she is talking about, then I am cool with that; just no rude comments please : )”

    It really shows that you are open to other views. Great Post!

  3. carolelizabethk0017 says :

    Good job! I like how you are open to learn more and you want people to correct you. I agree on the fact that every article is contradicting with another and things don’t usually match up. There is so much different it is hard for people to know who to follow and it is so overwhelming I doubt people want to be stressed out about one more thing in their life. That is probably why people are ignoring global warming in general. Overall it was a great post and I also really liked your voice in you post. It was firm but comical.

  4. benb0017 says :

    I think this is an excellent post Chelsea. I really like your excellent use of voice, and how you relate the chaotic cycle of the media to a whirlwind. It makes for an interesting and quite accurate metaphor. However, one thing to remember is while it is true that cows are eco-terrorists, factories are man-made, and humans can easily be blamed for the CO2 they release. Other than that, it was a great post.

  5. elizam0017 says :

    I definitely like how you related the media to a whirlwind. I love hearing your voice in this post. I definitely agree with you. Humans shouldn’t be blamed for all the problems. I had no idea that cows gave of CO2 though. It was a great post!

    • clarkbeast says :

      So to be clear, cows are no more a source of CO2 than you or I are a source of CO2. We all emit CO2 when we exhale. But the key thing to keep in mind is that the carbon that we emit when we breathe is carbon that we have ingested with our foods, and this carbon has in turn been taken OUT of the atmosphere by plants through the process of photosynthesis. So in terms of our biological processes, we are (and cows are) carbon neutral. The concern over anthropogenic CO2 emissions is focused on the carbon in fossil fuels that would otherwise be safely locked away in the earth’s crust for geologic timescales.

      The issue with cows it that they emit (that’s a polite term for it) a lot of methane (natural gas), and methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. I don’t fully understand the physics involved, but the cows take in carbon sequestered from the atmosphere in the grass that they eat and then return it to the atmosphere in a more potent form. Evidently it’s a big issue, one worthy of more research.

      But I question that you don’t blame humans for cows’ emissions. Would we be raising millions of cattle in feedlots around the world if not to feed our appetites?

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