Politics, Media, and Melting Ice Caps.

No, I won’t go on forever about the elections, or about what the press has to say about Justin Bieber. Enough sources are already doing that, and they’re making the issue of global warming that much less important.  Anyway, what’s really more important  here is censorship of climatologists and researchers, deceit by the government, exploitation of the problems, and lack of publicity about global warming.

We watched this movie in class called Everything’s Cool. A pretty insightful movie, if I dont say so myself. The film started talking about the politics in the studies of global warming.  Apparently billions of dollars have been put into the research of global warming, but how much of the research released to the public is original?

Rick Piltz worked for the government collecting data from climate scientists bout climate change, and creating reports with the information he was sent.The government was ignoring the information he had collected from climate scientists, so, after ten years in the government , Rick resigned. A man named Phil Cooney took over his job. Phil started tweaking the reports, making them have less concrete statements about global warming, making it just a theory. For example, one of his edits shown was instead of “climate change is happening,” he changed it to “climate change may be happening,” completely different statements right? Rick decided to take these matters into his own hands and showed the edits to The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.Of course, then, it made it’s way into the media. Let’s just say the Phil Cooney ended up resigning 3days after the New York Times article came out.

In another case, a scientist was actually told that he was not allowed to share his information on global warming in an interview.Ok, first of all, free country right?We’ve got it written down, check U.S. Constitution, so that means no censorship, no telling people that they are not allowed to say something, nope, nada, not allowed. Second of all, the scientist went on to say that he has never not once been told that he could not say something in an interview. As soon as he started sharing that global warming was true, he was shut down. See the problems here? Mhm, thought so.

What does this have to do with anything I mentioned in the title and first paragraph? By the melting ice caps, hopefully it’s obvious when I mean global warming.We have the politics side of editing public information and censorship of the scientists they asked to share information.Then, there is a little bit of the media part, articles blowing up as soon as any possible story somes out.What are they exploiting though? We have a few good movies, interviews, and articles saying; “global warming is completely overrated, I don’t buy into it. Then, on the other side of this debate we have a stunning array of movies, interviews, articles, and talk shows saying; “look out here it comes, global warming is here and we need to start doing something about it very soon.” I want to know, is the media blowing global warming up too big?I mean, just because there are more interviews and articles saying that it is happening doesn’t mean it is, right?Maybe the exploitation of global warming is just another move by the government, secretly hiding something else from us.Truthfully, we don’t really have an answer until we see the unedited original version of the data, or until really it’s too late and we can’t do anything about global warming, because it’ll have gotten too powerful.For some reason I have a feeling that the too late will come before we get to see the dat, because, as we have seen, the media isn’t always correct and the politicians aren’t always truthful and we’ve still got melting ice caps.

So what do we do now?


One response to “Politics, Media, and Melting Ice Caps.”

  1. isabellat0017 says :

    Isabelle your postes topic is a good one. I agree with you that politicians are not always truthful and that the media distorts the truth. And the most important of all is that the public needs a source that is not distorted and is made by scientist that state the facts truthfully.

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