It’s All Cool…or is it?

            Is the earth okay? The movie Everything’s Cool states that we are in for some deep trouble if we do not act against global warming NOW. It is a sad truth that dying animals and crumbling homes are not enough to convince Americans that the world we live in may not be a safe environment for much longer. As I have said before, I really hope that I am wrong. I hope I am wrong that our Earth may not be a healthy place to live in 50 years. I personally do not want to see the effect global warming will have on our culture. If we do not start to stop global warming now, I just may. There is nowhere else for us to go. If we can’t leave Earth, then why are we slowly trashing it?

          Everyone thinks that we can rely on scientists and climatologists to solve all of the problems that go along with global warming, when really the climatlogists cannot do anything without our cooperation. Climatologists need us to participate in saving our planet any way that we can. We don’t necessarily have to take part in huge environmental tasks. It is our job to help save the planet, and we can help do so with several little tasks each day.

          Luckily, some of the ways to help solve the problem of global warming are very simple. For example, planting trees can help immensely because trees help absorb the surplus of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Another example is if we change regular, high wattage light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs we can make a huge difference in our environment. These are some of the very easy things we can do to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in Earths atmosphere.

          Some big things we can do for our environment include not burning greenhouse gasses, or fossil fuels. You could also start a global movement against global warming. One of the most effective ways to prevent global warming would be to raise attention to, and lobby about it to senators who make immense decisions about the priorities and economy of the United States. If all humans contributed to do these steps to solve global warming, then global warming will stop affecting the Earth. However I know that is not easy. Everything that we do for our planet makes a difference, no matter how big or small. Whether you have a big idea, or a big heart there is always something you can do to better protect the environment we live in.

          There is so much disagreement on global warming for no apparent reason. What do critics who disagree with people concerned about global warming get out of disagreement besides a paycheck anyway? Do they even really believe in their argument? I just do not understand how they can disagree with climatologists, when there is so much evidence. To what extent will they start listening to the scientifically proven facts?

          The critics of global warming have very twisted values. At some point, we will all suffer their consequence; the consequence of no longer being able to live on our planet earth. This goes to show; we are all in this together.

         Overall, I think the problem with global warming is not our atmosphere; it is what we as humans are doing to the atmosphere.  If we do not start putting the brakes on global warming soon, we are in for some deep trouble. So…What can you do to stop global warming?


3 responses to “It’s All Cool…or is it?”

  1. faizanb0017 says :

    While I agree completely with you carolinem0017 some of the things you say just aren’t realistic for today’s world. You mention that we could stop using fossil fuels. But you have to take in consideration the huge impact this would have on our lives. It would effectively shut down transportation, food (18 wheelers run on gas), plastic production, energy in your neighborhood (that means anything that runs using a wall outlet is disabled), and the economy would be destroyed worldwide. You also talk about creating a global organization to combat or at least raise awareness about global warming. These organizations already exist. Some include Greenpeace ( and tcktcktck the Global Campaign for Climate Action ( The problem isn’t that they don’t exist, the problem is that people don’t now about them.


  2. maryt0017 says :

    I loved your statement that we can rely on climatologists for information, but there is nothing they can do with out our help.

  3. carolinem0017 says :

    faizanb0017 thank you for your input, however what I described was that cutting down on fossil fuels would be good for our environment. I never said that it had to be in the particular areas that you stated. Also, I think we can find alternative ways to cut down on fossil fuels, and alternative ways to run the transportation. For example; in the video “Everythings Cool” mentioned in my original post, the 2 workers found a way to run their car with a type of fuel that was safe for the environment. If we ran our vehicles on this fuel, we would be a tremendous help to our environment.

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