Good news… and bad news…

“We’re too busy saving ourselves- no one saw it go.”

“You think it will last forever- people and cars and concrete; but it won’t- one day it’s all gone, even the sky”

Rose Tyler

Yeah, the end of earth. I know. So that’s the bad news. We wait- we wait until someone like Rose Tyler can only watch when Earth explodes. Now, I know you’re a bit skeptical-the world might not blow up, we won’t be here so we shouldn’t care, God will save us, etc. But in the end, Earth will have to end, whether it explodes or whatnot. We make everyday decisions- ranging from what mode of transportation we take to what we serve at dinner- that affect the health of our planet. It’s just like the human body. You can’t expect to eat fried Mars bars and brownies each day and not expect to go into cardiac arrest eventually. We choose the change.

But let’s not dwell on the negative! I have to give people some credibility.

When I read kaylac0017’s article on a company that pays people to recycle, I had an aha! moment.

Look at that! Isn’t it amazing? How a bag could be born from juice pouches? Upcycling is the unofficial action of creating everyday items like totes, pencil packs, and laptop cases out of, well, trash. And I know what you’re thinking: how can that be? (And I wish I got rich off that).  The idea for the product came from a then freshman college student. He wasn’t a savvy businessman like he is now- just a little person who cared. Like I said before, we are the change. In fact, I actually collect juice pouches and sign up for other brigades (projects) to end waste. Ever since 6th grade, when I read the back of a dark chocolate M&M’s bag, I’ve been collecting LUNA Bar wrappers and Honest Kid’s juice pouches.

So in the end, what the earth ends up like is what we allow it to be. It doesn’t matter what we think- movement comes only with movement! You decide whether Earth becomes your trashcan or your Garden of Eden.


About queenofmumblers

Technically, I have no real occupation because I'm in school. However, in my imagination, I'm a part time: blogger, baker, and yogi. Full-time Hustler, though... I love Netflix- almost as much as I love reading [YA novels]. My role models would probably be: Sarah Dessen, Tara Stiles, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alex Gaskarth.

8 responses to “Good news… and bad news…”

  1. chelsear0017 says :

    Really nice post Vicky! I love your voice throughout the paragraphs. I actually have heard of some companies that take these items and make them into useful nicknacks and supplies.

  2. laurenm0017 says :

    I love your post Vicky. I didn’t know so much trash could be made into useful products. Many small organizations do so much to help our earth, but if others don’t act we will destroy our beloved planet.

    • vickyz0017 says :

      Yeah, it’s actually amazing what some people have thought of. Check out their website- the products are really cool not as expensive as you’d think. That’s one of the reasons I collect candy wrappers.

  3. Edward Holliday says :

    I think that you have a really good post vickyz0017. I think that all of the facts that you put into this is very amazing. I think that all of these big companies have a big maze to them or strings attached. The small companies seems to be where it’s at.

    • vickyz0017 says :

      Yeah, I agree that “strings attached” is a huge complexity with companies that try to be “eco-friendly”. Too much intervention with economics…

  4. isabelled0017 says :

    I really liked your post, the video clip was really interesting, how all she can do is watch it blow up, and we are the change, it’s true. Maybe we just all need to make all of our stuff like Terracycle did, or we need one of those high-tech spaceships the girl was on. Either way i completely agree and am really interested about that company, it’s ingenious!

  5. annah0017 says :

    First of all, I have to say I had a fangirl attack when I saw Rose on the screen. Second, your post was really nice. It made me see that even college freshman can do a little something, and that little something turns into a big something. And then people begin creating more little somethings after that big something and it keeps getting bigger and then maybe we can make a change. Definitely heard yourself in this post, too. Good job.

  6. zaym0017 says :

    Vicky, I like your post, but you said the earth might come to an end, but you do not know ? So you really can’t say that the world is ending.

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