Does the Media Control the Perception of Global Warming?

The general public cannot agree on whether or not global warming is anthropogenic. Scientists have their opinions on global warming and their opinions are based on solid facts. However, I believe that it is the average person’s opinion that matters the most. If you are confused stay with me for a second. The only way that scientists can try to reduce the effects of global warming is by getting money to fund research that will find a solution. Where will this money come from? The average people give the money to support these events. The average person does not have someone updating them hourly on global warming like climate scientists do. However, they do have the news on tv, internet, or radio to decide whether they believe in something.

Unfortunately certain news stations are biased towards a certain opinion. When someone watches a news channel and hears something, then they believe this opinion as well. This is why I think that the media controls the perception of global warming.

A quote from a Regents Earth Science article that I read shows how one man’s opinion on Al Gore could affect everyone who reads his article.

“In my area alone I found one major denier of the facts in media. The Niagara Gazettes managing editor, Dick Lucinski, refuses to accept global warming as a fact. His columns are in the paper on Wednesdays and Sundays, that means two days a week he has an opportunity to brainwash the world with his lies. In Lucinski’s article When The Truth Becomes Inconvenient, he said,  I once had a soft spot in my heart for Al Gore. That’s a bold statement because I have little use for politicians who twist the truth to suit their partisan purposes.”

This quote shows that Dick Lucinski does not agree with politicians who try to convince people global warming is real. If he watches Al Gore’s movie and says that nothing in the movie is true, then a person reading his article will watch the movie and think the same. Also, instead of a person forming their own opinion the media is forming it for them when the average person listens to the news. Therefore, the media makes people think global warming is not anthropogenic, if someone says that on the news. An opinion should be something that is formed by a person, not by the media.


14 responses to “Does the Media Control the Perception of Global Warming?”

  1. carolelizabethk0017 says :

    This post really got me thinking about what we know. We have been taught different things and we learn different opinions about global warming, but what is the correct way to follow. How do we know that what the media is telling us is correct or not. Overall it was a great post and I liked the details you used to support your data.

  2. Colby says :

    This was a very strong article. I like your opinion on the subject and I also agree with you. The media controls everything that the general public sees, and I’m not just talking about global warming. I believe that getting global warming in the public eye and helping people realize that it is happening will be a major step towards solving the problem.

  3. austinh0017 says :

    This post made a great point about how people need to think for themselves and not the media think for them. But I also think that most of the major news stations like Fox and CNN, have true facts and statements in them but you have to be able to pick out which statements are the true ones and which statements are bias. Also in the post you said people donate money to scientists so that they can research a solution, but the thing is, we already have solutions but we choose not to pay much attention to them.

    • ajaym0017 says :

      I totally see what you are saying austinh. I agree that there are places that do not have bias. However, there are also many places that do. On the other hand I agree with you about the solutions.

  4. alliej0017 says :

    Great post. I really liked the last statement, about how opinions should be formed by yourself and not by the media. That also got me thinking about how you shouldn’t believe one way just because your parents, your friends, or your community thinks so. Debate and confliction between opinions is what allows our society to be so complex. Wouldn’t it just be boring if everyone believed the exact same thing?

  5. forrestm0017 says :

    Ajay, I thought this was a great post overall, because of the interesting voice and the way that the post was written. I think the only thing in this post that might be somewhat confusing is when you say that the most important part of solving global warming is the average person’s opinion. Then you go on to say that the media controls the opinion on global warming, so my question is….. Isn’t the media the most important part of solving global warming, because if they the opinions of the public, and the public controls the scientists funding, then I think that the media would be most important.

    • ajaym0017 says :

      What I am trying to say is that the average persons opinion is the most important. However, the people that form that opinion is the media.

  6. chelsear0017 says :

    Amazing post Ajay! I liked how you focused on what the media tells us, and the bias that we merge towards. This seems like a big filter of what we currently know, what information we don’t know, and the way the media diverts us away from the truth.

  7. benb0017 says :

    I agree entirely with your post. The people are controlled by the media so much, they might as well be using some sort of mind control or something. At this point, no one has their opinion, just the opinion of their favorite news station. Excellent post.

  8. brannona0017 says :

    I lie this post. I think if we can get a news source that is not wide left or wide right we will be in a better place as a country.

  9. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    This post makes another interesting view on how the media can affect the public’s opinion on global warming. This power is quite dangerous though, because someone completely uninformed could go and look up global warming and get biased results leading them to be bias as well.

  10. zaym0017 says :

    I love the post, Ajay. You were specific on what you were talking about and you used evidence to back up your information.

  11. johns0117 says :

    Your post states that the media influences the public a lot, and I agree with that. I think that a reason for this is not that the media is totally ignorant of the fact that global warming is happening, but they want their watchers and/or readers to be happy, they want them to keep subscribing to their paper, or keep watching their show, and they do this by maintaining the idea the everything is fine and their is not problem with global warming. Great post!

  12. vickyz0017 says :

    It’s true- media really is biased. I’d have to say 90.1 FM is the least biased, but even facts can be twisted around. It’s good to talk about what’s right in front of us- way to take a bite of the elephant!

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