Is Everything Cool or Shocking?

As a class we recently watched the movie Everything’s Cool. 

” The director of the Movie Dan Gold said that the motivation for the film that “I’m optimistic that finally the message that this is real, that human beings are the cause of the most recent warming trend, and that it’s an important issue, that message is actually reaching America.”

Everything’s Cool talks about the reasons why Global Warming is real; the movie gives examples of why Global Warming is true. The film talks about the unknown facts you and I don’t hear or know about. For example one unknown fact that I learned about in the movie is the story of Phillip Cooney.

One of the main persons that attempted to keep the real facts of Global Warming away from the people was Phillip Cooney:

Phillip Cooney  is a former member of the administration of United States President George W. Bush. Before being appointed to chair the Council on Environmental Quality, he was a lawyer and lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute. He was accused of doctoring scientific reports by other agencies. He then resigned his position and conceded such actions. 

His job was to prepare scientific reports on climate change and give them to Congress. He resigned from his job when he blew the case on the White House scandal on Global Warming. Cooney said that he was resigning because he wanted to spend more time with his family. He then found a job two days later with an oil company.

I think that the whole Global Warming scandal is very shocking. I think that the whole thing is very surprising and very open eyed. The one thing that I think is that if he has been doing that for a while, then the Government hasn’t been thinking about this matter. I think that this affects the overall thoughts and discussions of the Government. Meaning that if Phillip Cooney wasn’t changing all of the information then maybe Global Warming would be more out in the Public and we would’t be at this dramatic stage in Global Warming like we are now.

One of the things that shocked me the most was the fact that a man by the name of Bish Neuhouser wanted to try and make his car run on biodiesel. He said that if it works with his car he wants to do it with all of the Canyon’s Vehicles. When you think of the fact that the President isn’t doing anything you also have to say to yourself, no one really thinks or cares about Global Warming. If he says something like I want to do something about Global Warming and focuses for 4 years on Global Warming and people don’t believe in it, he could lose a lot of votes. I think that it would take a while for the people to realize about Global Warming.

  Mr. Laney said “I think that Global Warming would have to hit someone in the face for them to realize that it was actually happening. We have an average high life expectancy and if he we had a shorter life expectancy then that could be the slap in the face.”

Is this the only thing that we are being lied to about? Could something else in this world be on a spiral towards bad. For all we know the world could actually end on one of these days that it’s supposedly going to, but how would we know.


2 responses to “Is Everything Cool or Shocking?”

  1. maryt0017 says :

    I like your mention about the presidential race and how if they mentioned global warming, what would people think? However, I disagree with you that it would cost him a lot of votes. If the global warming was mentioned, global warming activists would probably vote for him. For the others (the general public) who do not think much either way about global warming would not take away their votes. In fact, I do not think that the mention of global warming would change their opinion at all; the topic would simply be over looked by most people. The thought of the presidential race lead to your next thought, about how global warming would have to slap someone in the face in order for them to realize that it was happening. I definitely agree with this.

    • Edward Holliday says :

      Thank you so much for commenting maryt but I want to side with my thoughts here. (if that sounded mean sorry trying to say in nice way.) My point was that if the President was to try to fix Global Warming for four years or say that he was going to, the people that think there are better things to be taken care of would not vote for him. That is what I was trying to get at. On the other hand thank you for commenting and you like my post so whats to go wrong with that.

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