This is a quote from an old woman in the movie  everything’s cool  “I belive this is all part of Jesus’s plan.” I belive that this mindset and mindsets like this are a big problem in America.  Now lets get a little of topic as I tell a story.

September 11 2001 is one of the most infamous days in american history. Thousands of Americans were murdered and many others were injured. During the madness of that day, aboard United Airlines flight 93 sat Todd Beamer. The plane had been taken over by hijackers. Todd was on the phone with his wife when she told him what the terrorist were probably going to use the plane as a weapon to inflict damage on America. Todd knew what he had to do. He planned the re-take the cabin. To initiate it he said the famous line “Are you guys ready? Let’s roll!” In that moment he was not waiting for the government to come and save him, he was not waiting for a divine intervention, and he most certainty was not waiting for the terrorists. He was taking his life and the lives of thousands of american’s into his own hands. Mr. Beamer took over the cockpit with the rest of the passengers. The plane later crashed – America lost a role modle and a hero that day, but his legend lives on.

The point of this story is very simple: if Americans keep waiting for someone else to do it for them, it will never get done. Now lets bounce back to the origional topic with another story.

I was in the car with my dad listening to Erik Erikson on the radio. He was talking about the presidential debate. He said “Who the democrats saw on that stage was not Mitt Romney ; it was manbearpig” When he says manbearpig he is using manbearpig (A character from south park) as an analogy to someone that you don’t know. I think Americans are waiting on anybody to help them.

That day in school I had talked to our chaplain Reverend McCormick. A great point that was made in the conversation was that people are not taking things into their own hands. I think of myself as a very religious person  so don’t get me wrong when I say this. People are waiting on God to do something. People think that they can just pray for 5 minuts and go to church and they will be saved and their life will be a cake walk. Herein lies the dilemma of a good number of religious people. They (Including me) think that they can pray and not do something and they will be fine. People need to take things into there own hands. Praying is great but at a certain point people need to act on the prayers they make.

Another group of people that americans are waiting on is the boys on capitol hill. people in the green movement are waiting for a bill to be passed that will cut down on carbon. People who support gay rights are waiting for a law to pass. What people need to realize is that a bill starts with the people. If there is Action amongst the people there will be action on the hill.

What are we waiting on? God, The Government, or the all elusive manbearpig. whatever it is that we are waiting on the waiting needs to stop. Angry letters and filed complaints are’t going to get us anywhere we need to act, now!! When thiscountry can do a little less talking and a little more rolling we will se results, and this global warming problem and many other problems  will be solved.


2 responses to “manbearpig”

  1. isabelled0017 says :

    I know what you mean by everyone’s just waiting around for someone else to do something, and I think they are waiting for anything or anybody not just one select group or person. And, um, it was September 11 2001…. not 2011….

  2. brannona0017 says :

    Thanks, I agree totaly. I have fixed the 2011 to 2001. It was a typo I didn’t catch it thanks.

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