Dumbo’s Ears: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

You are probably wonder what “Dumbo’s Ears” means. In our class, our metaphor for blogging about global warming is “taking small bites out of the elephant”. We were recently focusing on what information the media tells us. This interesting article my dad pointed out to me on CBS News talks about if the media is hyping global warming. Global warming does seem like part of the issue is leaking out here and there – what we know and we don’t know, how ironic it is when we just learned that the earth is heating up when there is a slight possibility that in the near future Earth could cool down. An article posted in August of this year was written about  Al Gore on the media’s failure to adress global warming. Gore is debating whether or not it is fair to blame George W. Bush on the whole mess.

While fights and protests to save the planet are going on, in this day and age, we have to look what comes after all of the pain and suffering. If spending a couple extra dollars on organic foods, energy efficient light bulbs, and even if your energy company offers a green energy plan, won’t that help. Sure its a couple extra dollars out of your pocket for the trip to Cancún you’ve been saving for; but cleaner, fresher air to breath and live in is important – it’s how we thrive. What are your thoughts? Would you want future generations to see a greener planet?


2 responses to “Dumbo’s Ears: What We Know and What We Don’t Know”

  1. kaylac0017 says :

    Chelsea, your title is AMAZING! It really made me want to read your post! Your metaphor between Dumbo and the elephant that we as a class are trying to take “bites” out of is great. I think that it isn’t really fair to blame all of global warming on George Bush, who was in office for eight years. If you look at the statistics of Global Warming, the CO2 levels didn’t start rising when George W. Bush came into office, they started rising a while ago. In the same way that global warming started gradually, it will be solved gradually. The CO2 levels won’t become normal at the touch of a button, because they didn’t rise this way! I think that your post was great! I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. michaelm0017 says :

    Chelsea, your title is very good. “Dumb’s Ears” immediately hooked me. The actual post was good as well! I do however want to point out something that you said that many people argue. This is the “It’s just a few more dollars to save the environment!” idea that environmentalists love so much. I think this is a very misleading statement. Even if everyone in America switched to green light bulbs and little things like that, the effect would be so little to the worlds CO2 omission that it would be essential nothing. In order to make changes that Impacted the whole world, or even just America, it would take a large amount of money, not a few dollars! Good post though, all writers want is a reaction, and I certainly jumped on this one 😀

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