Transportation: The Key to the Defeat of Global Warming

When we talked with Mr. Revkin, he said that one person alone cannot do much to stop global warming, and long term solutions are hard to find. I think that one of the key parts to stopping global warming is making our transportation eco-friendly. This would reduce co2 emissions and help cool the planet. One step to take to make transportation more eco-friendly is to create high-speed rail trains all across every country and continent. High-speed trains are very good for the environment according to the website Wikipedia: High-speed rail:

 On the Eurostar, which primarily runs off the French grid, emissions from traveling by train from London to Paris are 90% lower than by flying.Even using electricity generated from coal or oil, high speed trains are significantly more fuel-efficient per passenger per kilometer traveled than the typical automobile because of economies of scale in generator technology.

So, even though most high-speed trains use electricity made from fossil fuels, it is still much better for the environment to go somewhere on a high-speed train than it is to fly somewhere in an airplane. The U.S. is not currently working on creating high-speed rail trains, but there is much debate over whether we should invest so much money in them. I think that we should focus more on them because first, it would be immensely good for the environment, and second, it would create more jobs for jobless people and improve the economy.

Now high-speed rail is great, but you yourself cannot accomplish that. You cannot do much to stop global warming just by yourself, but there are some things you can do that, little by little, will help the environment. First, you can carpool with friends or people who live in your neighborhood to school and work, and you can encourage other people to do this as well. This helps the environment because when you carpool with other people, there is only one car going to a destination whereas if you did not carpool, there would be four or five cars going to the same destination, thus releasing more co2 into the atmosphere and wasting gas. You can also switch from a gas car to an electric car to help the environment. While electric cars are not as convenient as gas cars, they do not release as much co2 into the atmosphere.

So, while you wait for environmentally friendly high-speed rail to come along, lots of things you can do, both small and large will help put an end to global warming


One response to “Transportation: The Key to the Defeat of Global Warming”

  1. brannona0017 says :

    John I really like how you didn’t just talk about the problem in this post but more about solutions.

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