Does Religion Matter In the Issue of Global Warming?

On Friday, we skyped with a environmental journalist named Andrew Revkin. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask him a question. My question was “How much of an impact do you think religion has on the perception of global warming?” He responded by saying, that the media distorting the truth is more dangerous than religion. He said that there are many people who believe what their religion says. Therefore, they do not have to persuade anyone about it. Whereas, if you hear something from the media, then it is an opinion whether you believe it or not. When you have an opinion, you feel obligated to persuade people to believe what the media says as well. Therefore, the media can spread a lie to the whole world. This is why Andrew Revkin thinks the media is more dangerous than religion.

However, I disagree with Mr. Revkin. If religion does not matter, then why do people think God will take care of everything? I agree with him in the sense, that bias is also an important issue relating to climate change. However, I believe that religion is more important to global warming. Because the ramifications of religion affecting global warming can be catastrophic. If everyone thinks that their respective God will do everything, then no one will do anything to try and reduce the effects of Global Warming. This can be a major problem if it is not solved quickly.

For example, I hear many people say that God has a plan for everything. Even though this could be true, if that is the case, God also creates everything. With this reasoning in mind, God would have to create global warming to have a plan to solve it. If God created it, then there is a good chance climate change is a test of humans to see how humans will respond. Just like Noah’s ark was a test for Noah’s trust in God, this could be a test about all the humans trust in God. If no one does something quickly, bad things could happen.


7 responses to “Does Religion Matter In the Issue of Global Warming?”

  1. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    Great post Ajay. I wonder though, when you said that “the ramifications of religion affecting global warming can be catastrophic”, would that many people actually think about religion when they think of global warming? I get what you’re saying though because there will always be some people who believe that God has to do with global warming but I just don’t think that enough people will believe that God has to do with global warming to make the the ramifications catastrophic.

    • ajaym0017 says :

      I see what you are saying. However, there will be people who rely on someone whether it be God or not, and eventually no one will do anything about it. Thank you for reading my post.

  2. ArmanV0017 says :

    I think that this post has a lot of truth to it, but I do believe that you are missing some points. A lot of people believe that their God will fix things, but they also think that their God gave them power over the earth so that they could fix things like global warming. I think it all comes down to how extreme that persons religious views are.

    • ajaym0017 says :

      I see were you are coming from. However, I think that people would be lazy and think that God will always be there for them, instead of going and doing something about Global Warming because they think God sent them. Thanks for the comment.

  3. michaelm0017 says :

    Ajay I like the idea of your post a lot. I would like to start out by saying that while Andrew Revkin certainly has more knowledge than anyone in our class about climatology, he is in no position to speak about the religious aspects. He specializes in the actual science. Someone like Rev. McCormick would be more suited to answer that question. I agree with you about how many people of various religions are waiting for their god or gods to save the day. I would like to build on that by saying just as many people are waiting on their government to save the day, and some people on both. Unfortunately, few people are actually doing something about it. I understand that there is little one person can do without making the global warming issue their life, but people need to get out and do something!!! Great post Ajay!

    • ajaym0017 says :

      Thank you for adding on to my post. I totally agree that even if it is not God people rely on they do think someone will save the day. Thank you for reading my post.

  4. granta0017 says :

    I really liked how you disagreed and stated your opinion Ajay. I liked how you put his response to your question and then put your input on it and gave a different look at the perspective great post over all! I really enjoyed it.

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