The Politics Behind Global Warming

Many people will look at the title of this post and think to themselves, “Global warming isn’t a political issue at all; a person should be able to think and make an opinion about an issue without having to worry about what his party will think about him.” Sadly, that isn’t the case. In today’s America, everything that has any importance on the daily lives of the American people has to be a political issue, global warming included. Sometimes this can be a good thing and unify Congress and get them to all agree on an issue and get something done for once, but most of the time, bringing politics into current events will only bring trouble.

A poll done by the Pew Research Center
As shown in this poll—conducted in October of 2010—more Democrats believe in global warming than Republicans (which is more or less a well known fact); the question that you have to ask yourself is ‘Why’. Why do 79% of Democrats believe in global warming whereas only 38% of Republicans believe in it? Now while you can’t have an exact answer without going to each Republican that doesn’t believe in global warming, there are a few possible answers. One thing that you could bring up is the philosophy of the Republican party; people affiliated with the G.O.P. tend to be more religious. Now while being religious isn’t a bad thing, sometimes, very religious people believe that only God or their deity has the power to change the world on such a massive scale. That was the first possible reason, but not the most probable. Possibly the most likely reason that they don’t believe in global warming is because of where they get their news.

Logo for Fox News

Now while many people will disagree with me, I will say it anyways. Fox News—even though their logo says otherwise—takes a biased stance on the news. Now while many people will point out to me and say, “How about MSNBC!” I am talking strictly about Republicans and where most of them get their news from. Fox News is one of the only conservative news organizations on television and they take pride in their bias sometimes, but being biased isn’t a good thing.

The above is a very extreme example of the bias of Fox News, but it does show something; that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed out of everybody in the United States. Saying that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed is a very broad statement to make, but I think that it does hold true. At 9:00 if you turn on Fox, you will see a fellow by the name of Sean Hannity, who is by far one of the most openly biased news anchors you will ever watch. By him and many other people being this biased at Fox—which is the number 1 watched news network on T.V— many people are being fed opinions and not the full story; thereby clouding their minds from what’s actually happening. The way to get more people to believe in global warming is to get companies and people like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to be less openly biased.


2 responses to “The Politics Behind Global Warming”

  1. forrestm0017 says :

    Arman, while I was reading this post I was thinking how informative and factual it sounded, while at the same time having your own personal voice. It is very well written and it talks about a very important matter when trying to get good, factual information about global warming, which can be a very opinion based subject. I also thought the way you incorporated the pictures and poll were very creative as well and very helpful to the me as a reader.

  2. davidc0017 says :

    I love how you bought up Sean Hannity. I hate Hannity and is part of the reason I don’t watch Fox. Their slogan, Fair and Balanced, is completely wrong. But the problem is that most people only get their news from one place. We need to find a way to get people to watch trustworthy news. I believe all news is biased somewhat, but there are stations that are not as openly biased such as CNN.

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