Presidential Energy Policies, The Way to Talk About Global Warming Without Talking About It.

There are five days left until the Presidential election. Five days until the people get to decide whom their leader will be. People have decided upon a candidate, because the candidates they picked spoke to their view on the issues. Among the many issues that people care about like jobs, the economy, and Medicare global warming has not been mentioned at all in the campaign and neither of the candidates have taken a solid stance on it either. Is it true? When the Presidential Candidates talk about energy they are indirectly talking about global warming.

Skeptical Science has published a post that outlines the two Presidential candidates’ energy plans. President Obama’s energy plan basically states that he wants to increase wind and solar energy production, and oil and coal energy production.

“President Obama has also encouraged renewable energy implementation and a clean energy standard, created programs to encourage alternative energy research and development, and called for an end to tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.”

On the other hand, while Romney’s plan mentions renewable energy, he only mentions it as an after-thought. He only mentions ONE bankrupt wind-company, even though most jobs in the renewable energy sector have flourished. Romney also wants to approve the Keystone pipeline. The pipeline runs oil from the Tar Sands in Canada to the US and will drastically impact the overall climate. Since oil that comes from Tar Sands is incredibly dirty and when burned emits more CO2 than normal oil, this initiative is an incredibly bad idea. Not according to Romney because apparently he thinks the Keystone pipeline is an excellent idea.

“Building the Keystone pipeline to exploit an unconventional source of fossil fuels is a step in the wrong direction”

Also Romney’s energy plan thinks that burning coal is good too, even though it is the worst fossil fuel for the environment.

“The United States is blessed with a cornucopia of carbon-based energy resources. Developing them has been a pathway to prosperity for the nation in the past and offers similar promise for the future.”

Unfortunately both Obama and Romney promise to increase oil and coal production. At the beginning of Obama’s term coal and oil started off at a all time low but have increased since then.

      As this graph shows if President Obama decides to double oil production as he promised then we will be emitting more CO2 then ever on record.

President Obama is not the only candidate who promises to increase oil production. Romney does also. The details of his plan are quite a bit more sketch then Obama’s but as much as he has made clear is he that plans to give the oil, and coal companies more subsidies and lower the subsidies that are given to solar and wind.

Even though oil and coal production has increased since Obama’s term began so has solar and wind.

In my opinion we need more solar and wind energy and less coal and oil. Even though both President Obama and Candidate Romney have decided to double oil and coal I think we need more renewables and less crude oil. But before Election Day you will have to decide for yourself.


3 responses to “Presidential Energy Policies, The Way to Talk About Global Warming Without Talking About It.”

  1. johns0117 says :

    I agree with you on the fact that we need more solar and wind energy, and it sounds like both Obama and Romney are not going to take the path toward making this possible although Obama seems to be slowly moving toward it, but you have to see it from their point of view. Oil and gas are both dependable energy sources and are used everywhere. If Romney or Obama stated that they wanted to change from gas to renewable energy, then they would lose votes because people are afraid of the fact that if this happened, there would be a lot of change in how they went about their normal lives, and it would be very hard and would take a lot of money to change completely to renewable energy. So I think that while it is bad that they are not taking steps to make the U.S. more eco-friendly, I think that you cannot put all of the blame on them.

    • isabellat0017 says :

      Thank you for commenting on my post John, I just wanted to mention that you are correct that coming out to completely suport changing the energy grid from coal, and oil to renewable energy is political suicide. But one of the big problems of why its is political suicide is the amount of education about green energy the voters are exposed to. If I just listen to the political adds it sounds like renewables are a bad type of energy to use. But if a person delves in deep, they will find the subject is not so black and white. Also I have one point of disagreement with your statements. Solar energy, wind energy, and tidal energy are reliable sources of energy if they are hooked up to a “smart grid”. A power grid that would change the flow of energy depending on the amount of energy different sections are producing. Thank you for commenting on my post.

  2. benb0017 says :

    I think that this is an excellent post, and shows well how politics can influence energy usage. I also think that you did an excellent job of not showing too much bias. At the beginning you were focusing on how Obama was using a lot of renewable energy, but then you decided to focus a bit more on the not so good things when you were nearing the end. I think that you did an excellent job of conveying the facts.
    However, it seems that this article was simply restating the Skeptical Science article in simpler terms. I think that this article could improve if you were to possibly give your opinions on each of their plans. Other than that, this was an excellent post.

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