Rebuild Our World One House at a Time

Life always seems complicated. The typical family juggles school, work, healthcare, and bills. Their normal everyday schedules prove too “busy” to worry about the environment. The truth actually is they suffer from a common disease called laziness. Simple changes can help the environment in major ways and just by updating technologies in your home you can live comfortably and green. The VISION House houses all the green technologies in one model.

Where can you find this house? Well, the Green Builder Media group partnered with Disney INNOVENTIONS to make the earth greener by lowering CO2 emissions in family lifestyles and using up less of the earth’s natural resources by recycling. The groups worked together to build a model of the VISION House in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot (in Orlando, Florida). Sara Gutterman, the CEO of Green Builder Media, states that their partnership with Disney INNOVENTIONS can greatly influence the public use of green technologies:

Disney already has sustainability programs, including Environmentality, Friends of Change, and their $15.5 million Climate Solutions Fund. Adding a highly visible, consumer-friendly model green home to the Orlando park seemed like a perfect fit..

Disney’s team likes to quote Walt, so we’ll do the same: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” So, we’re marching into the belly of the beast—the heart of American culture—using the magic of storytelling to plant seeds of sustainable thinking in collaboration with one of the most powerful consumer brands in this very ‘small world.’

The VISION House holds tours that show all the green technologies.

The structure of a green house includes Boral bricks and stone, high performance windows, “Smog-eating” tile, solar panels and a neighborhood sized wind turbine. Now I know what you are thinking: how does this stuff help the environment? Well, let me explain. The Boral Company creates energy efficient, low maintenance, and durable products for construction.  They make bricks, pavers, roof tiles and many other products. Boral and Green Builder Media partnered to help the green initiative. The high performance windows use remote controls to control the blinds. “Smog-eating” tiles contain catalysts that speed up oxidation when exposed to sunlight. The exposure to sunlight causes the catalysts to suck up pollution in the environment. Solar panels are an efficient addition for use in sunny places.

Inside you can find things like EPA WaterSense certified toilets, Energy Star TV, fire sprinklers, rain sensing lawn sprinklers and much more.  A private constructor or yourself can install all of the appliances. You can also make recycled decorations like a plastic bag rug. The Green Builder Media website has many hands-on instructions and videos.

By following the videos, rebuilding your home or adding a few new additions our planet can be influenced greatly. You can be the change.


One response to “Rebuild Our World One House at a Time”

  1. faizanb0017 says :

    While I enjoyed your post, I disagree with one thing you stated. A the beginning of your post, you stated that families who say that they are too busy to do anything about global are lazy. While this may be true for some people, this does not apply to everyone. If you have a family that is struggling to put food on the table, you can’t expect them to invest in insulation or making their house more efficient. These things cost money. While most of us in the US enjoy a high standard of living, this is not true for all people in the world. While it is great that green technology is now available, we need to focus on making it more affordable. Other than that, great post 🙂


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