Save a Tree…Help Save the Earth.

One thing about global warming that most people do not realize is that there have been natural processes preventing the effects all along. Plants are one of the best natural resources we have to help prevent global warming. These can include any sort of plant such as trees, flowers, algae, vines and many more. Some may ask if the plants are stopping Global Warming. The answer is no; not entirely, but they are definitely helping. Plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air. In other words, instead of the carbon dioxide adding to the already polluted atmosphere, the plants on earth absorb some of that carbon dioxide. This action (Photosynthesis) has slowed the process of Global Warming, benefitting everyone.


Photosynthesis is the process by which plants absorb Carbon Dioxide. Photosynthesis occurs when plants use the energy from sunlight and convert that sunlight into chemical energy to fuel the organism’s activities. Unlike us, plants release oxygen as their waste, and we breathe their oxygen in. Likewise, we release carbon dioxide as our waste, and the plants absorb our carbon dioxide.


As you can see, plants are vital to us humans because they absorb carbon dioxide. This results in a healthier planet, and helps by giving us oxygen to breathe. If you cannot do something large for the environment, you can start by planting more trees, grass, flowers, ivy, or any type of plant or greenery that uses the process of photosynthesis.


I wonder; however, exactly how many plants we would have to plant to make a huge environmental difference.


4 responses to “Save a Tree…Help Save the Earth.”

  1. adamw0017 says :

    Great post but I am wondering how much the plants really slow the progress of global warming. You said, “This has slowed the process Global Warming which is a benefit to everyone” and I was wondering how much. I would also like to know which plants help reduce the CO2 emissions the most. Thanks for getting the message out that humans aren’t the only thing that can reduce the co2 in the atmosphere.

  2. omarim0017 says :

    I really like how you posed such a simple solution to global warming. Nowadays we are so consumed in what humans as a whole are doing and how we can have our own actions halt global warming, something as simple as planting trees could do so much to help global warming. I really think you could go far with this idea.

  3. laurenm0017 says :

    I like your post, but I feel like there are many good facts that were left out in instances like when you say: “As you can see, plants are vital to us because they absorb carbon dioxide.” I have known the process of photosynthesis for a while, but what I want to know is: what plants absorb the most CO2? Are their any technologies modeled off of plants’ photosynthesis? Is there any scientific way to increase the amount of CO2 a plant can absorb? Does the killing of rain forests greatly affect the amount of CO2 in the environment? Other than those few questions I enjoyed your post.

    • carolinem0017 says :

      Lauren, thank you so much for your reply! To answer your question, “What plants absorb the most CO2?” All plants use the same process of photosynthesis. Therefore if you had two different plants exactly the same size, they would absorb the same amount of photosynthesis. However if one plant was bigger, such as a tree, the tree would absorb more CO2. In other words, the bigger the plant, the more CO2 absorbtion. To answer your last question, The killing of rain forests would greatly increase the amount of CO2 in our environment. Like I said before, one tree can absorb a lot of CO2 because it is very large; however, if cut and burned all of this CO2 would be put back into the atmosphere. If an entire rainforest was cut down, it would be devastating. This is why we need to plants more plants; to make up for the plants that are being cut down in massive amounts.

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