Nobama! (Romney is just as bad)

Late November 6th it was clear the President Obama would be re-elected. Many people were ecstatic and threw parties. However, when one person wins another must lose. Those supporting Mitt Romney were frustrated and worried America’s future. Then there was another group of people, underpublicized, but never the less passionate about their cause. This was the group of people that didn’t just care about their future, or America’s, but the whole worlds. These were the people that saw that a raise in sea level, or temperature rise, is far more important than a new healthcare or who won a senate spot in a remote corner of America. While campaigning Obama and Romney covered everything from abortion to foreign policies, but not once did they bring up the issue of global warming. If the President wrote down his top ten biggest issues right now, I can confidently say that none of those issues are more important that saving the world.

Hurricane Sandy was something like no one had ever seen before.  Katrina was the closest storm. But, Sandy hit New York City. That changes the game. When New Orleans got hit, it was as if America got shot in the arm, when Sandy hit, it was as if America had been shot in the heart. People were lost; power was out for over a week, it was like a clip from an apocalyptic movie. Then out of the ashes rose Republican Governor Chris Christie, and by his side, President Barack Obama. But wait! Chris Christie was supposed to be supporting Romney! However, he recognized that something are bigger than who wins the presidential election. One of those things, is saving the lives of the people of New Jersey, his people.


In the movie An Inconvenient Truth there was the analogy about the frog in boiling water. Hurricane Sandy was the scare people needed to focus on the climate. Funny enough, Hurricane Sandy really had nothing to do with climate change, but when Mayor Bloomberg of New York City tied Sandy to global warming people started thinking about it. Then of course with the election a few days away and Obama making himself appear to be somewhat of a hero, he won the election. But here is my question, will Obama really do anything about global warming, or did he just seem worried along with Mayor Bloomberg to win a few more crucial votes.  I just wish I could pound one thought into the Presidents head- “YOU CAN’T HAVE AN ECONOMY, FORGIEN POLOCIES, HEALTHCARE OR EVEN PEOPLE WITH OUT THE EARTH!!!”


5 responses to “Nobama! (Romney is just as bad)”

  1. faizanb0017 says :

    Michael, thank you for writing this. This post really made me think. And while agree that both candidates didn’t talk much about global warming, to say they didn’t talk about it AT ALL is a little harsh. Both candidates talked about the future of energy and fossil fuels in America. While this isn’t exactly global warming, it talks about our impact on the environment.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I think they should have talked about it during one of the debates our during their campaign, but something is better than nothing, right?

    But other than that, AWESOME POST!


    • benb0017 says :

      I agree @faizanb, they did talk indirectly about it, through talking about energy. And Obama’s plan for energy is actually better than Romney’s plan. Obama wants to push more energy production in general (both renewable and unrenewable), while Romney was to increase unrenewable energy production. Also, a lot of the reason they didn’t talk directly about GW was mainly because of politics. If Obama were to say that he believed in GW, he would lose a lot of supporters, because many don’t believe in GW. It would be the same for Romney. However, I have a feeling that we will see Obama talking a lot more about GW, because now that it is his last term, he has nothing to lose.

  2. elizam0017 says :

    I agree with Ben. I think that the candidates did talk about global warming indirectly. They talked about energy for sure. Hurricane Sandy did open people’s eyes to what is going on in the world. Even though Sandy didn’t have anything to do with global warming, just having such a horrible thing happen opened people’s minds. I also agree that it wasn’t talked about during the campaigning because they did want to be vague so that they could receive the most amount of votes possible.

  3. ajaym0017 says :

    This was a great post Michael. I agree with what you said about the fact that global warming needs to be more prominent in the minds of Americans. However, right now people think that the economy is the problem that will affect us the most currently. I do not necessarily agree with that, but you have to see were they are coming from. If you are losing your job and are on the verge of losing your house, then you are not going to be very worried about global warming as much as the economy.

    Great Post.

  4. carolelizabethk0017 says :

    I liked this post a lot because it made me think. Everyone had just been debating, “Who is better, Romney or Obama”? Instead it made me think about how now that Obama has won, what is he going to do about the problems around the world like global warming. Everyone said that the when they were running for president they didn’t want to mention global warming because it was a rough subject and they didn’t want to turn votes away by mentioning global warming. Overall this was a great post!

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