Solar Charged? Energy Efficient? 100% Electric? Am I in the Right Country?

We recently talked to a man by the name of Taylor Hills. He  came to our class and talked to us about Global Warming and the company that he worked at. During part of his speech he mentioned a company called Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors is a Silicon Valley-based company. The company designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a few scientists that wanted to prove that electric cars are and will be awesome. Tesla Motors and their engineers are mostly focused on obviously making energy efficient cars, but also decreasing aerodynamic losses. One of the cars that they affectedly did this with was the Model S. The Model S is one of the most aerodynamic sedans ever built. These cars are the only cars to get more efficient from the moment they are first driven.

When you purchase a Tesla Motors car you have a choice of which battery you want to get. There are  3 batteries. Battery A is a 40 kWh battery. It can go 160 miles in a full charge, 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 110. Battery B is a 60 kWh battery. It can go 230 miles in a full charge, 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 120. Battery C is an 85 kWh battery. It can go 300 miles in a full charge, 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 125.

These cars are actually really fast they go from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. The car can travel at a top speed of 125 miles per hour. This car emits no pollutants into the air because it has no tailpipe. This car is not like other cars it does not pollute the air. Other cars such as gasoline powered vehicles ad hybrids burn refined petroleum.

Tesla Motors cars have no engine under the hood. ( Which also works as free space totaling up to be 5.3 cubic feet.) They run on energy. Well you think, how do you charge the car? The back left rear light you can open up and there is a plug where you can plug the car up. There are chargers you can get and plug them up in your own house or garage. There are also some chargers that are called Superchargers. There are six stations around the U.S. They are made to give people have a charge in 30 minutes. Which for these cars is about 150 miles of range. With a full charge it can go about 300 miles. The device works like an adrenaline shot, except for your car.

The cars are very spacious. They can comfortably fit 5 adults and 2 children. The car even has two usb ports. With so much room in the car with the seats folded down you would have over 58 cubic feet of storage. Depending on what you like on your car, one of the options for the car is a sun roof. This sun roof is different though it blocks 81% of heat and blocks 98% visibility of the sun.

The Tesla Motors cars have built themselves up on a very good empire and a very good start. They have stores all over the nation and they are sold out of cars in the U.S. Even I am interested in the cars that they have. ( No offense but the Model S is my favorite and what I think to be the way to go.) For any of the people out there that read this and are able to afford a car just under 120,000 dollars, I would suggest getting the car. Could this be a start towards the world of going green. Starting off in the field of cars and then moving to something else.


5 responses to “Solar Charged? Energy Efficient? 100% Electric? Am I in the Right Country?”

  1. johns0117 says :

    This is really interesting because I did not realize that electric cars were so advanced already. It seems like this car is just as good as a gas car in every aspect, except for the fact that it takes a half-hour charge to go 150 miles, while gas cars only take about 5 minutes to refuel and they will drive longer than that. Also, if you were on a long drive, there would not be many places to stop and recharge your car. Another thing to think about is how the electricity is produced to power because a lot of electricity is produced through methods that are not eco-friendly. Even so, it seems like electric cars are advancing fast and this could be the start of an all electric car future.

    • Edward Holliday says :

      John you have a very good point. I think that people would still want to get an electric car because of the fact that they know they are doing there part in the world trying to cut down on the Global Warming problem. I would have to agree with you though that there are not very many places where they can get there care supercharged, but by 2015 there will be a lot more. Other then that thank you for commenting on my blog post.

  2. annah0017 says :

    This is a really interesting post. Nice voice. I think, however, despite how green the cars are, and how spacious they are–for many, they’ll never replace your good old, gasoline-powered automobile. You know boys and their toys. I know some are opposed to electric cars because of the many possible malfunctions, and some might complain they aren’t fast enough. If there was something to entice people to buy these cars, more than just feeling good about your impact on the environment, maybe more people would buy them. But until then…

    • clarkbeast says :

      Anna, my wife and I had an electric car for a while about 10 years ago (somehow we ended up with a demo model on loan from Georgia Power), and let me assure you one thing . . . no one would complain that they aren’t fast enough. I have never driven anything anywhere even close to it in terms of acceleration and “zippyness.” It was flat-out amazing.

      Check out this story from Oregon Public Broadcasting about a guy who drag races an electric car. If you only watch 2 seconds of this story, look at his car leap off the line at about the 1:30 mark, and you’ll understand what I mean. Or again at about 2:32. Just makes me giggle.

      Now the range issue that John mentions is a legitimate issue. But if you are a two-car family, an electric starts to make a lot more sense . . . you’d still have a gas-powered car for more extended trips.

  3. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    Interesting post, it seems you are trying to get people to buy the car. I am surprised that the car can actually go pretty far for an electric car. Of course, there are not a whole lot of people in the world that will buy a $120,000 car that is electric. For the people that would have the money to buy the car, they might not trust the car company or they quite possibly could support it. What Tesla needs is people to buy their cars and support them. To get the word out about them to more and more people.

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