Walk the Walk

America is the 39th greenest country; let that sink in. As concerned as we seem to be, America is still not getting anything done. Our energy efficiency has actually dropped from what is was last year. In terms of being concerned, we are probably number one on the list. Other countries don’t have to give the environment as much exposure because their people are naturally more energy efficient. According to Lowell Ungar, temptation is at fault for this:

“A key reason is that American homes are getting bigger, which means more space to heat and cool. And consumers are buying more and more power-sucking gadgets — meaning that kilowatts saved by dishwashers and refrigerators are often used up by flat-screen televisions, computers and digital video recorders. These trends have balanced each other out. It’s been a wash, basically.”

I believe that the problem is that for all the people concerned about global warming and the environment, those same people aren’t doing much to act on what they are saying. They are talking the talk but they aren’t walking the walk. The problem with this is that saying the right things and wanting to help the environment isn’t the same as doing it. It is almost as if we have given up hope and said “Global warming is a worldwide problem, so how are we going to do anything?” God created a wonderful world for us and made us shepherds of the earth. We need to treat it as such.


15 responses to “Walk the Walk”

  1. michaelm0017 says :

    I really love your post Colby! This really speaks to the notion that everyone says they are worried about global warming, but then just watch it happen. I think this idea especially applies to government officials who say they are going to make huge changes, but do nothing about the issue. I believe many people have realized something that is very discouraging and somewhat true; There is not much one person can do alone. The only way America can solve this problem is if the people join together and take it on as a country.

    • colbyw0017 says :

      Thanks Michael! I really believe that the U.S can get back on its feet and at least get back to where it was a year ago if we have a big push to help the environment.

  2. ArmanV0017 says :

    This is exactly what I have been trying to explain to people; that the United States isn’t doing enough to help prevent climate change. I like how you had that fact about how the United States is number 39 in the world on our energy efficiency, and I hate it when people say that it’s not only the U.S. that should be working on it…

  3. colbyw0017 says :

    I agree Arman, there were many other empires that were also bad, (China is ranked 105th) this proves that instead of blaming one country, the whole world needs to work together.

  4. carolelizabethk0017 says :

    This was a really great post!! I think that it is crazy that we are the 39th country. We are one of the leading countries, and even though our economy isn’t great we should still be able to think more about the economy! Overall great post!

    • colbyw0017 says :

      thank you for your positive feedback. The message that I was trying to get across with this post is that America needs to take action instead of sitting around.

  5. isabellat0017 says :

    Yes!! This is an excellent post Colby, I have written in quite almost all of my posts about this subject. We are hypocrites. We point fingers at China and other countries, when the people who live here have larger carbon footprints than most people in the world, including the people living in the countries we are accusing. The United States NEEDS to crack down on the citizens. If we cant crack down we need to stop pointing fingers.

    • colbyw0017 says :

      Exactly the message that I was trying to convey with this post! The only objection that I have, however, is that China is worse than we are (105th).

      • isabellat0017 says :

        Colby, I dont think that I was clear in my last comment. I was trying to say is that an easy way for China to lower its emissions is for it to crack down on the companies, because it is they who are causing almost all of the general emissions in their country. The USA is different. Most people who live here emit more CO2 per person than people who live in other countries.

  6. chelsear0017 says :

    Great post Colby! I was surprised that the US criticizes other countries for not being green enough – but look at us! Your title got me thinking too. Americans talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. Or vice versa depending on what your preferences are.

  7. colbyw0017 says :

    Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to know that someone appreciated the title because I spent like twenty minutes thinking of it.

  8. isabelled0017 says :

    I love this post Colby. It’s so true, everybody is so ready to SAY that they’re going to change. But, how much change will actually happen? And America has no room to talk about global warming, what exactly have we been doing? Lagging behind 38 other countries. Your post was extremely interesting and really thought provoking, especially when I thought about how it applies to me. I’m terrible at that. Saying I’m going to do something but don’t. Thanks for your post, it was very interesting,

  9. forrestm0017 says :

    Colby, this is a great post! It is a very good perspective on this wide and interesting topic. This post really showed me the information that everyone NEEDS to be shown, and I thought it showed it in a very effective manner. I am very surprised that America is in 39th place, and this post showed me exactly why this is currently happening. Great post, Colby.

  10. kaylac0017 says :

    Colby, you post makes a great point!! Many people are overwhelmed with the fact that global warming is something that affects not only the United States, but the entire world. It is even hard for me sometimes to remember to even do the little things, because I myself, doubt my ability to make a change.
    Being one of the most powerful countries in the world, we need to really want to do something about global warming. As a part of human nature, humans naturally have their own opinons, and everyone’s is different. Take Justin Bieber for example, I love him, but others don’t as much. In comparison to global warming, some people strongly believe in global warming, and it kills them to see that American isn’t doing anything about it, but others think that global warming is just another dumb conspiracy theory. So first, we need to get everybody on board, which will be extremely hard, but not impossible. One question, what do you think it would take to get everyone on the bandwagon? Your post is absolutely amazing, and you pointed out some very important facts!

  11. ajaym0017 says :

    Colby, I think that this is a great post because it gets across the point that just because people are concerned it does not think that they are getting stuff done. This was a really good post, and for anyone who reads it I think that they will be much more worried about what they can do to be more energy efficient.

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