Wind Power: A solution of the Future?

Today, a lot of people talk about using clean fuel for their cars and switching to solar energy in their homes, but what about wind energy? I feel like sometimes wind power is sometimes forgotten by people in today’s society. Wind power is a great clean energy source that will most of the time be there for us. Wind power is increasing its popularity but is still way behind from all the other sources.

When the sun’s hot air heats the earth, eventually cool air comes in to replace it and that is where the wind comes in. So because wind comes from the sun shining, wind will always be on earth until the end of the world (when the sun stops heating earth). So we know that the source will be reliable, but the large turbines take up a lot of space, unlike small solar panels. And as you will see in this next picture, they are not your ordinary fan.

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A few reasons that wind power isn’t the “next big thing”, is that: as I stated before, they are a bit large, they also make a lot of noise, and can sometimes hurt animals such as bats and birds. And one last disadvantage is that the wind will always be there, but as you all know, the wind does not blow every day. But in the long run this clean energy source is going to do a lot less damage to people and animals, than producing more and more co2 will.

So you may be wondering “How does it work?” Well the answer is quite simple. The wind blows on the propellers of the turbine, which pushes them in a circular motion that turns a shaft. And this powers a generator connected to it, which produces the energy. The design is simple and works efficiently; this is why it could very well be part of the solution in the future.

The wind power industry has been rapidly increasing and has quadrupled its output of energy in only a matter of 6 years. The US is currently third in the amount of wind power it uses. But hopefully we will move all the way up to number one if we can notice the great benefits that come with using wind power and how much it could help in the future.


5 responses to “Wind Power: A solution of the Future?”

  1. christinel0017 says :

    Great post! I agree with you that wind power is a good idea. However, it isn’t very practical. If you could imagine big wind turbines in the heart of some big city with skyscrapers, the image is actually quite comical. However, wind power seems like a good idea, but we need a combination of both wind power and solar power to help the environment. Both wind and solar power is better for the environment than coal. Good job!

    • austinh0017 says :

      I agree that having wind powered turbines in big cities is not very practical and obviously would look out of place. But what they are able to do is put the turbines out in the country side and when the energy is generated it can be sent to places in the city through power lines that connect them.

  2. alexc0017 says :

    A combination of wind and solar power would work very well. When there was a storm and the sun wasn’t shining there would probably be enough wind to power our homes. The problem is, wind turbines cannot just be placed on someone’s rooftop like solar panels can.

  3. michaelm0017 says :

    I totally agree that the world has a huge issue with alternate energy My science is project is actually on alternate fuels. In my project I researched wind power and one reoccurring issue is the amount of wind turbines needed to make a dent in the amount of power used in america. Also, like Christine said, can you imagine having wind turbines in the middle on NYC. Although wind turbines could have a big influence on a small community, USA will need many other sources of energy.

  4. isabellat0017 says :

    Great post! I agree with you on the part that wind power should be used, but the only way to switch completely to renewables is to create a “smart grid”. A grid that will shut off the wind turbines if the wind is not blowing, and reroute the power lines to a source that is efective at the moment. That is the way we should be thinking. I also disagree with what you say about the birds and bats. Wind turbines move incredibly slow and most flying creatures can avoid them.

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