Can WE Do It Alone?

A few weeks ago in class, we had a reverend come and talk to us. She talked to us about how much religion influences our everyday choices. As she was speaking to us, global warming really struck home with me. I think that religion takes a huge part in global warming.

I think that the religion session with the reverend was very effective. We needed to get some facts about things surrounding global warming instead of just the problem itself. We needed to see the problem from other perspectives in order to really understand how to help.

That same say we had a economics teacher talk to us about…can you guess? Economics!  I loved seeing how these teachers and leaders talked about global warming and finding out what they thought about global warming. I believe that the way the economy is now, that it would be harder to start working on converting everything to greener living, but small steps can start a lot! Everyone on this planet has been working ever so hard to keep their own lives together that they don’t have time to worry about global warming at the moment. Even though the elections are finished now, the news still has stories to cover about any plans or actions to get our economy back on track.

People have to go out and do something in order for things to happen and that isn’t working right now. I think that most of the religion aspect of global warming is that people think that their God, whoever that may be, is just going to fix everything and humans don’t have to take care of the planet that we live on.

After having these mini-sessions about religion and economics, we started to really delve into what is happening in each of these areas. We are working on our final projects for the year. Our project is to pick a aspect of global warming that interests us and inform or persuade and audience about our topic.

For my topic I chose religion. So far my group and I have spoken with a Christian and an Atheist. It was amazing to see the difference in their responses. I thought that it was especially interesting that both groups did believe in global warming. The Christian that we spoke to said that as stewards of God’s world we are called to keep it beautiful. The Atheist that we spoke with said that there was an enormous amount of scientific evidence that pointed to global warming, that it was impossible to deny.

Even though both beliefs are completely opposite, there are plenty of values and beliefs that hold true in both. This is one way you can reach out and come together, even if we all have different beliefs.


2 responses to “Can WE Do It Alone?”

  1. isabelled0017 says :

    First of all I love your post, i had nearly forgotten about that day. It’s really interesting how different the answers of the Christian and the Atheist were, while they were essentially saying the same thing. As far as making a change, no, no one can do that big of a job on their own. We really do all need to reach out, but people are really too caught up in their own beliefs and opinions, making it almost impossible to really branch out. I know, I can definitely, very easily be one of those people. Anyway, really good post.

  2. elizam0017 says :

    Thanks so much!! I really do believe that we all need to work together but no one can find the time. It’s very sad that we can all reach out but we do what we think is more necessary. Thanks again!

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