What if WE were the World’s Top Energy Producer….

Well according to a recent National Geographic article, that “what if” could very easily be true in the next few years. The US will overtake Saudi Arabia as the World’s largest oil producer by 2017, and in 3 years we will surpass Russia in amount of Natural Gas produced.

Both results would have been unthinkable even a few short years ago, but the future geography of supply has shifted dramatically due to what IEA calls America’s “energy renaissance.” The revival can be credited to controversial technologies such as hydraulic fracturing of shale and deepwater production that have enabled the industry to tap into abundant, unconventional sources of natural gas and oil. As a result, new energy frontiers have opened in Pennsylvania and North Dakota.

The bottom line for the United States is fulfillment of a goal that eluded seven presidents over nearly four decades: energy independence.

Energy Independence… did you read that people?! Energy Independence…. very important. We rely heavily on other countries producing things we need like oil and just everyday things you see in the store. You know the stuff you see in the store and when you look on the tag it says “Made in China”. Yep, that would be a lot of the But, imagine if all the merchandise and goods made in China right now were all made in America. This obviously couldn’t and wouldn’t just happen, it is just theoretical. But let’s imagine everything was “Made in America.” It would help so many things like make more money circulation and create so many more jobs and make the economy skyrocket. There are just way, way too many to name.

Now, I know we’re technically just talking about oil and natural gas but that’s pretty big too. It would help out a whole lot as well if we could be the leading oil producing country in the World. What I’m trying to say is a country heavily relying on other countries making the substance or good, it makes the dependent country vulnerable. It would definitely be in the USA’s best interest to not have to rely on other countries as much and be more self-sustaining.


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