Is There a Solution to Global Warming?

When people think of really bad diseases or objects, there is usually either a clear solutions or people are searching for a solution. For example, cancer is something that we do not yet have a solution for, but people are searching for a solution. Tuberculosis used to be a huge problem, but then there was a clear solution and people were fine.  However, in the case of global warming, it is neither. There is not a clear solution to solve it and some people are searching for solutions. However, there have not been any major signs of life. A series of things need to happen for global warming to stop. Essentially we already have a solution, but it is cut into many different parts. By this I mean that we have the ability to help stop global warming, but we don’t use it. Either people are too busy doing other things. Some of things we can do are we can get greener lights,we can recycle more, and we can try and reduce the power they use in their houses. Even though these are helpful objectives,  there is not one clear cut solution to the problem of global warming. The only problem is that this “disease” could be life threatening.

The thing that many people are frustrated with, is that we have the technology to solve global warming yet we do not use it. One way we can help get a solution for global warming by raising awareness. We need to get the message across that no matter what you do it is a step in the right direction. If we can do continuously take small steps, then gradually we will be working towards a solution to global warming. We also have the technology to be able to solve global warming. Obviously, all of the process that I stated would take more than one neighborhood. To pull this off, would take a good majority of the world. However, anything is worth a try. It might take many years, but the end result will be worth it.

Many people think that if we have the solution to global warming then you would have to be stupid not to use it. However, the reason that global warming has not been solved is because people have to worry about other things. For example, right now people are worried about the economy because it is affecting them right now. There will always be something that is more important than global warming. Eventually, global warming will gain because no one is worrying about it. Then we are in trouble.


3 responses to “Is There a Solution to Global Warming?”

  1. adamw0017 says :

    Great post Ajay. I also hope that people will find a solution (or multiple solutions) to slow down the effects of global warming or stop them all together. I think that if people don’t do something that can slow down the process the world will be a miserable place later on in our generation or generations to come. I wish that there was some way to get the message out so that something could be done.

  2. ArmanV0017 says :

    I think that there are multiple things that we need to address before we look for a “solution”. First of all what do you consider a solution? Is it something that will get rid of all of the GHG’s in the atmosphere are is it something that will prevent the emissions of GHG’s in the atmosphere? Next you say that we aren’t really looking for any solutions, but I don’t agree with that. I think you would be right to say that we aren’t putting enough energy into finding solutions, but we are looking for solutions; albeit slowly.

  3. laurenm0017 says :

    I love your post Ajay. After reading through I found some interesting points and ideas, but I don’t really see where you opinions come in. When do you think the solution to global warming will be put in to affect if ever? Do you believe that taking small steps may cause the topic of global warming to spread to slowly? Do you think we will make a difference with out fixing all the immediate problems?

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