Can OBAMA Walk the Walk??

After the terrible destruction from Hurricane Sandy, Obama now wants to take action on climate change. In class, I always asked the question, “Does something traumatic have to happen for us to realize climate change is evolving?” When Hurricane Sandy came upon us, everyone asked, “Is Climate Change causing this horrible destruction?” Mostly everyone in the world thinks climate change is causing these natural disasters. It is affecting the storms that are happening. That big gap that climate scientists think they have between the general public is closing.

Obama stated that it was a personal goal for him to try to end climate change. Hurricane Sandy made a light bulb go off in his head, and that is why climate change is a high priority now. Kert Davies said this in regard to Obama,

“Owning the risk to the country is the main thing. If he understands the risk to the country and is broadcasting that and telling that story to the people of this country, he will have tremendous support for any action he takes,”

Davis said this quote after people were requesting a climate bill. Unfortunately, I think Obama tackling climate change is kind of a joke because most likely it will probably fade away as an issue once again. Obama said that because Hurricane Sandy changed everyone’s lives, but when Hurricane Sandy fades away, climate change is going to fade away also.

Personally, I think it is about time for the world to act on climate change, and it is not a bad thing that Obama acts on it because the sooner we try to end climate change, the sooner climate change could go away. I have only one question for the world, Why do we have to wait this long to at on this worldwide issue?” The Human Race is a bunch of procrastinators. We have to wait until Hurricane Sandy kills thousands and destructs homes. We need to be more conscious about what are problems are in the world. Why would we wait so long to act on the topic of climate change. Now, people that died can’t spend time with their families. It is so funny how we decide to do something when people die or when something goes the opposite way that we want it to.

Here are the numbers after Hurricane Sandy tore through the U.S.

Two-thirds of voters (65 percent) say elected officials should take steps now to reduce the impact of climate change on future generations, while just 27 percent say we should wait for more evidence.

Seven in ten voters (69 percent) are greatly or somewhat worried about the growing cost and risks of extreme weather disasters fueled by climate change. Six in ten (58 percent) of Tea Party sympathizers are greatly or somewhat worried, showing a connection between climate action and fiscal responsibility.

73 percent of independents and 82 percent of Democrats saying they’re worried about the growing cost and risks of extreme weather disasters fueled by climate change

Look at these numbers. They have drastically changed since Hurricane Sandy. Majority of the people, now believe that climate change is real. If we can have more people believing, the world could probably go green. We need to continue this persistence, but the true thing is, Will OBAMA stay true to his word?


One response to “Can OBAMA Walk the Walk??”

  1. ajaym0017 says :

    I think this is a great post. Because it shows that we need to get people believe that climate change is going on in order for climate change to stop. Also, we need Obama to stay true to his word and come through to stop climate change. Great post, Zay.

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