Let’s Shine Some Light On This Situation

I know that I believe that anthropogenic global warming is happening; the facts are just too hard to ignore. However, this climate crises might not have all negatives. In a report from the Science and Public Policy Institute, it shows that an increase in starch production in plants due to carbon dioxide is a very probable event, and also a very beneficial one to us.

“It is therefore likely that rising atmospheric CO2 levels will significantly boost starch production in plants, thereby increasing the availability of an important raw material that can be metabolized to help sustain enhanced growth under a variety of stressful situations.”

Most people believe that global warming has no good effects to our environment and destroys everything in its path. This article, however, shines some light on the situation. Because plants breathe carbon dioxide, an increase would give them more to breathe. That would increase their ability to produce starch; starch is a plants energy source. With more energy, plants could create new tools that could help us, the inhabitants of the Earth, in a variety of situations.

The plants could produce many things, each one differing from plant to plant. If a plant is currently used for medical reasons, then those healing properties could be enhanced when more energy is added to the mix. Trees used for construction could become stronger and grow bigger. Plants that produce fruit, vegetables, and other edible items could produce much more of their item. All of these situations would benefit us a lot. The only flaw would be if there were not enough plants to get rid of the carbon dioxide in the air.

The problem of global warming is a huge, widespread problem that would be very hard to cover up. More and more carbon dioxide gets added to the air each day, and not many people take notice to it. Trees and plants are destroyed in order to build more factories that produce harmful gasses. The uncertainty of what these plants could do is simply not worth the risk of adding carbon dioxide to the air; it causes too much damage.

The small light that plants producing more starch shines on global warming is not enough to eliminate the darkness. With new buildings being built on top of the homes of many plants and trees being cut down constantly for the use of their wood, plants would most likely not be able to help eliminate carbon dioxide from the air. They could still make lots of benefits to humans, but not to the environment. In the end, it all comes down to the Earth. Humans are constantly taking away resources and putting harmful gasses into the atmosphere. This is what led to global warming. If plants were not able to help out much then, they will not be able to do much in the future, where there will be even more carbon dioxide in the air.


About marytucker

Hi! My name is Mary, and I am a junior in high school. I enjoy playing volleyball, swimming, and track and field for my school. My hobbies include reading, cooking, writing, and traveling-- I've been to places all over the world, including Asia, all over the Americas, and Europe.

2 responses to “Let’s Shine Some Light On This Situation”

  1. johns0117 says :

    I really agree with you on the fact that while global warming may cause some good things, we have to think about the fact that the bad outweighs the good. I think that some people have deluded themselves into thinking that because global warming and co2 do small bits of good, they are good for the Earth. Of course, we know that global warming is bad, but without other people on our side, it will be very hard to make a large change.

    • alliej0017 says :

      I too find what Mary brings up as very ironic. Plants get rid of some CO2 in the atmosphere, but we’re destroying them to construct buildings and factories which produce more CO2. So the world is adding to the destruction and getting rid of something that helps lessen the impacts at the same time. Two birds with one stone for global warming!

      It’s very easy to take a small fact and blow it up so much that the rest of the truth is obscured from view. Sure, CO2 does good things, but too much of anything can’t be good. I think that to really look at an event or topic such as global warming one has to consider the good and the bad. There’s never one side to anything!

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