Mercury Poisoning

In my Writers Workshop class we have been working on group projects for the last few weeks. We were able to pick any subject that we wanted. I was parted with three other Boys and we picked the topic of Mercury. Our full question is “How does the emission of Mercury impact the toxicity levels of water and our everyday life?” I guess you could say that the point of this blog post is for your responses. The problem is that we have to address a particular group of people, and we don’t know who to tell. I am going to give some of the information that we have received from researching and I just really want your comments on who you think that we should address.

To begin Mercury is the 80th Element on the Periodic Table. The symbol for Mercury is hg. Mercury is also the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. This substance can be found in things like coal. Now a Disadvantage of Mercury is that it can cause nervous system failures if large amounts of it are ingested. At times it can even cause death.

When Mercury gets into water small microbes absorb tiny fractions of it.  Then comes a series of unfortunate events. The next thing to happen is a small fish comes and eats thousands of the microbes resulting in that fish being poisoned. Next a bigger fish will come and eat the smaller fish  poisoning itself. Then a bigger fish eats the other bigger fish and is poisoned by the Mercury. This of course happens over and over again, but the fish that is impacted the most by Mercury poisoning would have to be the Tuna Fish. This occurs because tuna fish eat the most fish. This has to tie in to the last part of our question because the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) has a limit on certain fish that women can eat. Tuna is one of the top fish that women are not aloud to eat. Another way that Mercury gets into the water is when coal is burned the mercury from the inside of the coal is released into the air and when it rains it falls into the water.The Dangers for pregnant women eating fish is extraordinary. First the Mercury will affect the mothers fetus, and it also can affect the mothers breast milk. This could lead to long -term brain issues. It can also cause birth defects such as hearing impairments and learning disabilities.

The notes that we have gotten so far really answer our question and help us better understand what Mercury Poison is and what it can do to you. Now the last thing is that we wanted to talk or share our message with High Schoolers and Junior High Students. Do you think that is the right group of people to talk to or do you think we should talk to adults and also in what form do you think we should present it. Comment to give your thoughts and opinions.


6 responses to “Mercury Poisoning”

  1. michaelm0017 says :

    I find this especially interesting, because we are doing our mercury effects project together. Over the past few weeks our group has done a lot of research and have become somewhat experts in the effects of mercury. We are on the same page, I think that young adults, like the kids here at Westminster, will be future parents someday. Knowing this is it important for them to know the dangers of mercury when that have children of their own. I love the project we are doing because mercury is something that many people never think of but could be a potential threat. Great post!

  2. benb0017 says :

    I like this post, but I am curious: this is typically a global warming blog, where we discuss different offshoots of global warming. How would you relate mercury poisoning to global warming. However, I think it is right to warn people, but not just Junior Highers and High Schoolers, you need to warn everyone about this. After all, this can affect everyone, not just the next generation.
    One last thing: it’s spelled “allowed” not “aloud”

  3. Grant says :

    I really like this post Edward. It really caught my eye how you mentioned that mercury is found in things like coal then you shot to the next point of it potentially causing death. This is interesting because I think you could have written your whole post about it being found in coal but you went straight to a new idea, and you missed one that caught my eye. Great post overall it was quite interesting.

  4. elizam0017 says :

    Good job! I really had no clue that all those things could happen from mercury. I think that it is a good idea to present to students. That way the students can inform their parents and friends. I am also a little curious on what exactly this has to do with global warming, but I would love to see how it relates. Great job overall!

  5. ArmanV0017 says :

    I saw how you said another way that mercury gets into the water, but where was the first way? I think that this post had a very good point, but I think that you could have added more hyperlinks and pictures and things of that nature to it. Also, is it an actual law that states that women are not allowed to eat tuna or is it advised that women are should not eat tuna?

  6. kmlewis1234567890 says :

    I think that you could address highschoolers. Although I’m not really sure they’d care that much. My group faced the same problem, we were thinking of addressing highschoolers because they’d interested in cars, but we weren’t sure if they’d be that interested. But for you guys, I think highschoolers would understand it more and also maybe be in a better position to help prevent it.

    Very interesting blog post, I never had any idea that Mercury poisoning happened in the way you described it. Although I am a little confused, how does the mercury first reach the ocean for the smallest fish to eat it?

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