What to do… What to do…

If it is important enough, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse.

I believe in that quote, and recently, I believe the latter is happening more than the former. People end up not helping anyone as an excuse to be fair to everyone.

If you’re wondering how this quote weaseled its way into my post, then I’ll answer your question by saying this: saving the world is one of the causes you’d have to donate money to if you want results. Some people choose not to donate under the excuse that they can’t help everyone, and it would be unfair to donate to just one. But they’re kidding themelves- money we spend on ExxonMobil would be used better if we gave it to Feeding America. There are different ways to “save” the world: in the literal sense, we can join Greenpeace, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization focused on protecting oceans, saving endangered species, and stopping global warming. Or we can do more simple actions, such as creating a Christmas box for poor children all around the world or .

But we can’t always help. I know there have been times when our parents didn’t have cash on them to donate to the Salvation Army Bell Ringer, and we’d have to sadly walk past them. But there have also been times when we choose not to aid because of the “unfairness”. “How do you choose?” seems like a simple enough question. Not exactly. We can be suckered into pity pleas, or heart-tugging videos like the one below:

You should choose based on what your interests are. I’m particularly fond of children and the environment, so I got reminder emails from No Kid Hungry and Greenpeace, and I love giving change to Salvation Army Bell Ringers and people on the street.

Now that I’ve broken your excuse, you can’t say that you won’t help the environment because you have to worry about your job- they’re not exactly mutually exclusive. Helping one doesn’t mean you’re hurting the other. Carpooling to work isn’t going to waste you money- in fact, it’s doing quite the opposite. You only have to drive once a week if you have four other carpool members, so you can cut your gas bill by over 75%. And if you worry that you don’t have time, ask yourself- How much time does it take to turn off the lights when you leave a room? Here are some easy, helpful hints to be an effortless, green, smart-spender:

1) Turn off the water when you’re not using it (ie. brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair).

2) Check your carbon footprint to see where you could be saving energy and money!

3) Walk or bike places you don’t have to drive to (for example, I walk to a pizzeria that’s less than a mile away from where I live).

4) Carpool (check above).

5) Buy local- if you buy locally from farmers markets, the food doesn’t travel as far. This way, the farmers and sellers don’t have to charge you for the gas it takes to get to your plate.

7) Combine trips- drop off your kids from school on the way to work, go to CVS on the way back from school, etc. You already have a base distance you must travel to get to your destination- get your errands done on the way.

The point is, you can’t not donate because helping would be unfair. That’s like saying you won’t do any homework because you won’t have time to do any other homework. Donating can be one and done, or it can be long-lasting. It’s your choice, but deep inside, know you’re avoiding something and making an excuse.

no excuses

That’s right- the excuses stop here.


About queenofmumblers

Technically, I have no real occupation because I'm in school. However, in my imagination, I'm a part time: blogger, baker, and yogi. Full-time Hustler, though... I love Netflix- almost as much as I love reading [YA novels]. My role models would probably be: Sarah Dessen, Tara Stiles, Ellen DeGeneres, and Alex Gaskarth.

8 responses to “What to do… What to do…”

  1. davidc0017 says :

    I love this post because it outlines exactly what small changes we need to make in our lives to make an impact. This is great because it also gives an economic incentive. Doing these things will even save you money!!

  2. omarim0017 says :

    I really like how you basically called out the entire human race addressing the fact that we all make excuses to do nearly anything Vickyz. I really hope its not just me who realized that there really is no excuse to not contributing to not only our earth, but every living thing on this planet. Besides, even the smallest morsel of life probably has greater weight on the “karma scale” than our excuses to begin with. I also really liked how you gave suggestions on how to contribute to the global cause. Now, not only do we not have an excuse, but we also have things that we are able to implement into our lives at this very moment! Well done!

    • vickyz0017 says :

      Thanks or reading my post Omari! I hope you can find a way to put into cause my little helpful hints, and I hope I do too! And yes, the entire human race does really make excuses… for everything!

  3. christinel0017 says :

    I really like how you said we have no excuse to not help. I also liked how you listed small things we could do in our everyday lives that could help the environment. In some ways, helping the environment could save you money on your gas bill, by carpooling, water bill, by using less of it, and electric bill, by turning off the lights. Great post!

    • vickyz0017 says :

      Thanks Christine! That was my initiative, and I’m proud the message got out to you. I hope you do try out my little “helpful hints”. Thanks for reading my post!

  4. chelsear0017 says :

    Vicky, AMAZING title! I think your post really captures our roadblock on what to do next on global warming. Have we done all that we can do? Is there more? America has a budget we can spend, but how are we going to invest our time and money. We have the technology to come up with greater, more powerful ideas to solve this issue.

    • vickyz0017 says :

      Why thank you Chelsea! You kind of told me what I subconsciously knew- America has come to a roadblock when it comes to combating global warming. You have a knack for finding the underlying message. Thanks for reading my post!

  5. brannona0017 says :

    I love the no excuses at the bottom. That is one of my mottos.

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