A Bite From the Heart

Things most of us agree on:

The world is heating up. Period.
Is it natural?
Probably not. 
So humans have caused this?
Yea, pretty much.
Well, then we need to do something about it!!!

This last question is, in my opinion, a total roadblock. I thought that since this is my last post I am going be bold and to go out swinging. All the global warming activists, are WRONG! Their approach to the situation of global warming, it WRONG! They spend more time trying to convince the Republican Party and major emitters (who aren’t going to change their minds) that they need to save the environment,  then they spend doing anything about the problem. They are right, global warming is an issue, but these people must grow up and realize not everything goes their way. They need to except the fact that some people will never agree with them and they must carry on saving the world by themselves.

Now here is my other bold statement: There are a lot of people who say they are really worried about global warming and then do absolutely nothing about it! There are even kids in our class who say that is is a serious issue, and have done nothing about it out side and even inside of our class. An example of this is kids in our class might say that global warming is the most important issue in the world, but then they ride to school in a gas guzzling SUV worried about if they had science homework or not. Outside of class, I know for a fact most of the kids in the class care more about their grades than global warming. Let me count how many people I have seen do something to help the environment… ZERO! Alas, I cannot fault these people, because it is not their responsibility to save the world. This idea just frustrates me, because I cannot relate. If I really care about something, I will do something about it. If I do not care about something, I will not do something about it. I will almost never really care about something and yet do nothing about it. For example, I really care about my math grade or basketball, so before my big tests or basketball games, I do a lot of prepare and practice thoroughly so I can impact my game, or grade. The other example is that while I am worried for the future of earth, global warming isn’t really something I am stressing about or invest a lot of time and thought into. In turn, I do not go out of my way to save the environment.

By now if you are still reading my post, you may think that this post is very weird and different than the other posts. Mr. Meyer related global warming to an elephant and we, the class, were taking bites out of different parts of the elephant, and it was impossible to swallow the entire elephant at once. Well, I really liked that analogy. Some people have bit off the leg, butt, head, back, foot and many other places. But I ate from the inside out. I have taken a bite out of the heart of this elephant. The heart of the elephant is the issue. While some people wrote about political and economical effects, or whether it is happening. I skipped the explanation and jumped to the answer. My post may have been very abrupt, but I wanted to give everyone a wakeup call, because when this class is over in a few weeks, I hope that we do not forget that this is an important issue.



9 responses to “A Bite From the Heart”

  1. colbyw0017 says :

    Very bold post michael. I liked the statement at the end where you said that you ate the elephant analogy from the inside out. You are right, the heart of the elephant is that people are too stuck in their own ways to make any changes and save the world.

  2. edwardh0017 says :

    I think that what you are doing for your last post is a very great thing to do. I think that you came out swinging at anything you could. Way to kick the last post off and I wish that you would do one more like this on a public blog that big people read just to see what they say.

  3. adamw0017 says :

    What a bold way to finish off the Writing workshop year. You really did take a bite out of the heart of the elephant. I thought it was great how your first paragraph started off with the use of the word wrong in all caps. I also think that we need to actually get up and do something about it. As you said, I wonder what people will do to try to help stop global warming, and not just talk about it.

  4. vickyz0017 says :

    What a way to end the year! Your post definitely is more up-in-your-face than most of ours, and I admire that you admit that you don’t do much about global warming either. In the first paragraph, I noticed you put “it WRONG!”- not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but it’s just a heads-up. I really hope, by the end of the semester, our class does something that will actually impact the environment. Great post! Nice way to finish the elephant.

  5. faizanb0017 says :

    First of all, well done. I think a wakeup call is exactly what we needed. However, I can’t say I agree with all the points you make. To say that the global warming activists need to leave the major emitters alone and save the world by themselves, because some people will never agree, doesn’t make sense to me. While I agree that some people will always oppose change and progress, to say that you cannot convince at least a few of the 54% that are skeptics is a problem. The issue with not convincing the politicians and the major emitters is that without them, progress cannot occur. Without the help of the Republican Party, it would be impossible to pass a law in Congress to protect the environment. Without the help of large corporations, it would be impossible to implement change. And without the belief of the general public, it would be impossible for that change to take root. But I do believe you are correct when you say we need to act more than speak. I think the reason we decide to put off global warming as a serious threat is because of the way our brains work. When humans were still in the Ice Ages, they had long-term and short-term threats. Humans gradually began to realize that they should deal with the short-term problem first and the long-term problem later. We have kept this mentality to this day. And it makes sense as well. Weigh the threat of hunger vs. the threat of having the ocean rise 2 inches and the greater problem is immediately clear. But this does not mean we should ignore the problem all together.

    But once again, great post!


  6. zaym0017 says :

    This is a great post, Michael. You really have pretty bold statements in this post, but these bold statements could also not be true. You do not if people don’t help the environment outside of our class or not, and in saying that there is ZERO people helping the environment is a false statement. Overall, it’s an awesome post

  7. chelsear0017 says :

    First off, very interesting title Michael. I think leading off of your post, we have hit a small road block on what to do next to at least attempt to fix global warming. My question is, what is our next step? What can we do?

  8. brannona0017 says :

    I like the energy you use to write your posts. I think that that makes them alot better.

  9. annah0017 says :

    I don’t think you’re post was werd at all. It was definitely (for lack of a better word, and since everyone is using it and my mind’s blanking for a synonym) bold, but it was truthful. Faizan brought up a good point, however: our brains are hardwired to react to the immediate threat, rather than something a good majority of the public don’t even think will happen. I think if the public were shown what global warming is doing even now in a blunt way, they might act. Possibly. Anyway, great voice and good post!

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