12 Days of Wasting

Before my family moved, there was a house that we would always look at that had a really big Christmas lights display (the house probably had fifty or more decorations in the yard). Ever since I started taking an environmental writing class, I now look at that house differently. When we went to see the house this year I wondered how much more energy that people waste by putting up Christmas lights.

An average house puts out six tera-watts of electricity during December, which is enough to power 500,000 homes in a month. This produces carbon dioxide and releases it into the atmosphere. This point is analyzed by Dr Trasandem in this quote.


“I wouldn’t needlessly expose [children] to a lead-based hazard that could have significant lifelong consequences for that child’s cognitive capacity or their attention or other health problems,”


I completely agree with the quote above. These lights are going to affect the future generations of America. The problem is that there are alternative Christmas lights that are more energy efficient, but people aren’t deciding to take advantage of this fact.

LED Christmas LightsThe picture above is a picture of LED Christmas lights. LED lights allow electrons to recombine with electron holes, which produce light. This light doesn’t require a plug and emits much less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. LED lights are expensive, however, they can sometimes last 10 years, which far outlasts the lifespan of regular lights.

Although LED lighting is a little more expensive, they are much more energy efficient. I believe that if we take the necessary steps by buying LED or other energy efficient lights, we can still enjoy the holiday season without emitting so much Co2.


2 responses to “12 Days of Wasting”

  1. vickyz0017 says :

    Great use of links Colby! After I saw the headlines a few days ago, I immediately thought of the houses I see, completely covered with Christmas decorations. And my dad mentioned something about how LED lights are changing this year- becoming less-likely to break or something. The quote surprised me- I didn’t know LED was so harmful to children. I think this past brings a good sense of balance- be merry, but also be aware.

  2. forrestm0017 says :

    Great post, Colby! This post uses links and pictures to the fullest of their abilities. Also, I like the way that you connected your final project and this post by talking about the uses and effectiveness of new and more energy-efficient lights. Great post.

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