After all the classes I have spent learning about global warming, I started to think about solutions to global warming, just a lot about global warming. I started to wonder, “Is there really a solution to it? Or is all the thought and commotion about it just a bunch of over-reacting?” I really put a lot of thought into this and I believe that there is no solution to it, that we are in control of. I think that we can recycle more or not use as much power, maybe even get other countries to switch to solar power or not use as much gas. But I don’t believe that those actions will make a big enough impact on global warming to solve it.


I think people aren’t worrying so much about global warming because of all the other things going on in the world, whether it be new technology, politics, or anything that draws peoples attention. I believe that scientists are trying to use technology to find out solutions to global warming and using politics to view global warming from a different perspective. That may help but certainly not enough considering global warming is getting worse.


I just don’t think that we can dig ourselves out of such a big hole that we have already gotten ourselves into. I hope people keep trying to solve global warming and trying their hardest to find solutions, but I just don’t think that we can make a big change. I hope that I’m wrong, because if only climate scientists are worrying about finding a better solution than recycling or turning off lights, then there won’t be a big change. Scientists need to find a way to get the general public’s attention towards global warming. But they have no way to get the public aware of it without the media, which the things I mentioned before dominate. I just do not believe that there is a solution to global warming that we can do without using the media to help spread the word. 


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