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After all the classes I have spent learning about global warming, I started to think about solutions to global warming, just a lot about global warming. I started to wonder, “Is there really a solution to it? Or is all the thought and commotion about it just a bunch of over-reacting?” I really put a lot of thought into this and I believe that there is no solution to it, that we are in control of. I think that we can recycle more or not use as much power, maybe even get other countries to switch to solar power or not use as much gas. But I don’t believe that those actions will make a big enough impact on global warming to solve it.


I think people aren’t worrying so much about global warming because of all the other things going on in the world, whether it be new technology, politics, or anything that draws peoples attention. I believe that scientists are trying to use technology to find out solutions to global warming and using politics to view global warming from a different perspective. That may help but certainly not enough considering global warming is getting worse.


I just don’t think that we can dig ourselves out of such a big hole that we have already gotten ourselves into. I hope people keep trying to solve global warming and trying their hardest to find solutions, but I just don’t think that we can make a big change. I hope that I’m wrong, because if only climate scientists are worrying about finding a better solution than recycling or turning off lights, then there won’t be a big change. Scientists need to find a way to get the general public’s attention towards global warming. But they have no way to get the public aware of it without the media, which the things I mentioned before dominate. I just do not believe that there is a solution to global warming that we can do without using the media to help spread the word. 


Is There a Solution?

After all the classes we have had I have gotten lots of thinking into what we can do about global warming, solutions to global warming, a lot about global warming. I started to think is “Is there really a solution to global warming, or is all the thought and worrying about just a bunch of over-reacting?” I really put a lot of thought into this and I think that there is nothing big that we can do about global warming, I think that we can recycle more or not use as much power but there is really nothing big that we can do about global warming. I think that we could try to get all the other countries to switch to solar panels or start recycling more or maybe even switch what kind of gas to use to make it more green but once again I think that there is no real solution to this problem.

To be honest I think that there is a small chance that global warming is something people just talk about that it is not really happening and that people are over-reacting about nothing, but there is a very small chance that that is true. The more probable thought is that global warming is really happening but once again people are just worrying way to much about it and trying to hard to do something that it is probably impossible to do. I do admit that there may be a solution and I’m not telling anyone trying to find a solution to global warming to just give up or stop what they’re doing because they are wasting their time in life but what I am saying is that I do not believe that there is something that we can do to really solve global warming.

There may be a solution to global warming but once again I just don’t think that it is possible to dig out of such a hole that we have put ourselves into, this might not even be our fault, but thats a whole different topic. Back to the point, I think that there is nothing that we can do to solve this there may be something in hundreds of years that we could do with advanced technology to help global warming but I don’t think that there is anything that we can do right now with the technology that we have and tools, I just don’t think that we are advanced enough to solve it and with all of this increasing in technology it brings people to worry about and people might not even worry about global warming but might be worrying more about the new technology that we are inventing or anything but global warming. Once again I just don’t think that there is much that we can do to solve global warming, I don’t think that there is a solution to global warming.

Who’s Fault Is It?

Who is really causing global warming? Do you know? Because I certainly don’t. There are some people that believe that we are causing global warming just by being humans and breathing out CO2 into the air. There are other people that say that our cars and manufacturing companies are causing global warming by sending all the chemicals into the air (That is the idea that I believe the most). And there are other people that believe that global warming is just because of the earth itself and global warming is not man made. Last but not least people believe that there is no such thing as global warming that people are over reacting about nothing and worrying to much about it. All of these could possible be true but there are many opinions and beliefs about each one.

The first belief that I mentioned is interesting because I think that if we ourselves by just breathing were causing global warming that God would not let that happen, I don’t believe that God would make the earth for we humans to destroy it by living. I know you may not believe in God or believe that God created the world, but thats another topic that we won’t get into. The second idea I mentioned is the most popular belief because there is the most research on it, it is the most advertised, and the most talked about. This belief is the most popular about because we do put all of those fumes and gases in the air and there is no denying it. The next idea is believable but not the most reliable, back to the point about God I do not think that he would let his creation destroy itself slowly but surely. The last one is very interesting because after all these ideas and solutions some people have just given up, or never started believing in global warming in the first place.

All of these ideas are interesting so lets hear your input…

What Else Could Be Affecting Global Warming?

I read a post on National Geographic about sea otters affecting global warming. I know what you’re thinking; there is no way. That’s what I thought, too, but it’s true! The article states that when hungry sea otters whack spiky urchins against rocks on their chests, the mammals may also be striking a blow against global warming. The article says that otters preying on urchins and devouring greenhouse-gas absorbing kelp forests. This is interesting because the sea otters obviously don’t know or mean to do it but just being sea otters are affecting global warming in a reasonably big way for just little animals.

The result? An otter-assisted kelp forest can absorb as much as 12 times the amount of CO2 from the atmosphere than if it were subject to starved sea urchins.

That is amazing that an otter-assisted kelp forest can absorb that much CO2. One thing that we haven’t discussed as a class is other topics that may be affecting global warming not just the big ideas like cars and main topics like that, but little ideas like sea otters, one of the last topics we would think of when discussing global warming are actually causing a good amount of global warming.

I think that the class should start to think more about what else is causing global warming, even the little ideas which may end up being the easiest to change and to help global warming with rather than thinking about making us get rid of cars or trying to find huge solutions to global warming. If the class were to focus on little ideas that are causing global warming we would be able to get a lot more done. Back to the car example trying to get rid of cars is virtually impossible but changing little ideas would be much simpler. Now I know you’re thinking there is no way to affect a sea otters behavior or to change something there is no way to change. I agree but there have to be other topics that we can put a stop to and we should focus on those more.

Are You Sure?

I found the movie An Inconvenient Truth  to be very interesting. The movie really makes you think about the world and what we have done to it. I think that what we as humans, have done to the earth is very amazing yet devastating at the same time. All the scientists are saying that we are in the hottest time that the world has ever experienced and yet I wonder, “how do you know?” I just do not understand how scientists know that it is so hot now and so much hotter than it has ever been.

I really don’t understand how they can say that it is the hottest it has ever been on the earth because they don’t know how hot it was three ice ages ago. They have equipment that they might think can know what the temperature was back then, but they have no idea. Their equipment, math, ideas may all be wrong, and they have know way to tell if they are wrong or right. No one was alive back then, so there are no records of the temperature or what was happening or if it was hot or cold. They have nothing, no idea.

I think that if the world was the hottest it has ever been and that it was going to melt all the ice, kill polar bears and slowly but surely destroy the earth then God would do something about it. I do not think that God would let the earth get destroyed by us humans; I think that he would put a stop to global warming in a heartbeat. We don’t know if thats how the earth works. This may be how the earth works: it may get really hot, then we have an ice age and it gets hot again, and it just cycles through. We don’t know. Are we sure of any of our studies?