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A Bite From the Heart

Things most of us agree on:

The world is heating up. Period.
Is it natural?
Probably not. 
So humans have caused this?
Yea, pretty much.
Well, then we need to do something about it!!!

This last question is, in my opinion, a total roadblock. I thought that since this is my last post I am going be bold and to go out swinging. All the global warming activists, are WRONG! Their approach to the situation of global warming, it WRONG! They spend more time trying to convince the Republican Party and major emitters (who aren’t going to change their minds) that they need to save the environment,  then they spend doing anything about the problem. They are right, global warming is an issue, but these people must grow up and realize not everything goes their way. They need to except the fact that some people will never agree with them and they must carry on saving the world by themselves.

Now here is my other bold statement: There are a lot of people who say they are really worried about global warming and then do absolutely nothing about it! There are even kids in our class who say that is is a serious issue, and have done nothing about it out side and even inside of our class. An example of this is kids in our class might say that global warming is the most important issue in the world, but then they ride to school in a gas guzzling SUV worried about if they had science homework or not. Outside of class, I know for a fact most of the kids in the class care more about their grades than global warming. Let me count how many people I have seen do something to help the environment… ZERO! Alas, I cannot fault these people, because it is not their responsibility to save the world. This idea just frustrates me, because I cannot relate. If I really care about something, I will do something about it. If I do not care about something, I will not do something about it. I will almost never really care about something and yet do nothing about it. For example, I really care about my math grade or basketball, so before my big tests or basketball games, I do a lot of prepare and practice thoroughly so I can impact my game, or grade. The other example is that while I am worried for the future of earth, global warming isn’t really something I am stressing about or invest a lot of time and thought into. In turn, I do not go out of my way to save the environment.

By now if you are still reading my post, you may think that this post is very weird and different than the other posts. Mr. Meyer related global warming to an elephant and we, the class, were taking bites out of different parts of the elephant, and it was impossible to swallow the entire elephant at once. Well, I really liked that analogy. Some people have bit off the leg, butt, head, back, foot and many other places. But I ate from the inside out. I have taken a bite out of the heart of this elephant. The heart of the elephant is the issue. While some people wrote about political and economical effects, or whether it is happening. I skipped the explanation and jumped to the answer. My post may have been very abrupt, but I wanted to give everyone a wakeup call, because when this class is over in a few weeks, I hope that we do not forget that this is an important issue.



Nobama! (Romney is just as bad)

Late November 6th it was clear the President Obama would be re-elected. Many people were ecstatic and threw parties. However, when one person wins another must lose. Those supporting Mitt Romney were frustrated and worried America’s future. Then there was another group of people, underpublicized, but never the less passionate about their cause. This was the group of people that didn’t just care about their future, or America’s, but the whole worlds. These were the people that saw that a raise in sea level, or temperature rise, is far more important than a new healthcare or who won a senate spot in a remote corner of America. While campaigning Obama and Romney covered everything from abortion to foreign policies, but not once did they bring up the issue of global warming. If the President wrote down his top ten biggest issues right now, I can confidently say that none of those issues are more important that saving the world.

Hurricane Sandy was something like no one had ever seen before.  Katrina was the closest storm. But, Sandy hit New York City. That changes the game. When New Orleans got hit, it was as if America got shot in the arm, when Sandy hit, it was as if America had been shot in the heart. People were lost; power was out for over a week, it was like a clip from an apocalyptic movie. Then out of the ashes rose Republican Governor Chris Christie, and by his side, President Barack Obama. But wait! Chris Christie was supposed to be supporting Romney! However, he recognized that something are bigger than who wins the presidential election. One of those things, is saving the lives of the people of New Jersey, his people.


In the movie An Inconvenient Truth there was the analogy about the frog in boiling water. Hurricane Sandy was the scare people needed to focus on the climate. Funny enough, Hurricane Sandy really had nothing to do with climate change, but when Mayor Bloomberg of New York City tied Sandy to global warming people started thinking about it. Then of course with the election a few days away and Obama making himself appear to be somewhat of a hero, he won the election. But here is my question, will Obama really do anything about global warming, or did he just seem worried along with Mayor Bloomberg to win a few more crucial votes.  I just wish I could pound one thought into the Presidents head- “YOU CAN’T HAVE AN ECONOMY, FORGIEN POLOCIES, HEALTHCARE OR EVEN PEOPLE WITH OUT THE EARTH!!!”

And today’s forecast is… natural disaster?

Many people believe that the catastrophic storms we have experienced in the past ten years can be directly tied to global warming. It is true that there have been many terrible and unusual storms in recent years, but are they just flukes or are they actually a result of a changing climate?  Regardless of the source, powerful storms are certainly becoming a more normal sight to see in the world.

This past week in class, we got the opportunity to talk on video with a professional climate scientist, Bruce Weilicki. During the video chat,  we asked him if he thought that hurricane Sandy was caused or affected by global warming. He said that it was too early to draw any rash conclusions. He said such a small increase in temperature is unlikely to make any large changes in a massive hurricane like Sandy. He did, however, say that he and his partners at NASA have been doing research on what a dramatic increase in temperature could do to major storms. After I asked him if he thought there would be any unusually large or apocalyptic events that would take place in the next five, ten or twenty years – he said it is very unlikely.  He indicated that the most change we would see is probably an average temperature increase of about one-half to one degree Fahrenheit and maybe a slight raise in sea level.

Now that major natural disasters are seemingly more common, it makes sense that the people of the world should start to prepare for such catastrophes. For example, New York City is right on the ocean and should have a subway system that can take a certain amount of flooding. However, just this week the New York City subway system flooded causing more damage than ever before to the system and disrupted transportation completely for some time. The tsunami in Japan just a year ago—while not related to global warming—is another example of not making necessary provisions. Thousands of people died, while some of those deaths could not have been prevented, several could have – if they had they been prepared. The biggest problem Japan still has is the nuclear power plant that was damaged so bad that it released radiation into the surrounding areas. This could have definitely been avoided, if the people at the power plant had made the plant more resistant to flooding.  I strongly believe that the whole world needs to pause for just a moment, and look at the possible weak points in their nations, their cities and their homes and work to fix them. By doing this, millions of lives could be saved from future natural disasters.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I am going to start with an analogy. A farmer is paid by the market for his crops. The market wants the farmer to make tomatoes and they will pay him well for that. However, if he makes potatoes, the market will not pay him.

This is what has happened in the scientific world. All the scientists are getting their grants and money from the government, not-for-profits and other private companies who want them to say global warming is real. If they tell the truth, they will not be paid or have a job. The website explains how this happens in the pharmaceutical industry:

 There is a lot of money invested in research and development of drug companies.  It  is the back bone of their structure. This need to produce positive results can make or break a drug company. The pressure is tremendous to produce the results that are hypothesized will be produced.

The same idea applies to climate research. If there are millions of dollars at stake for a scientist to say that global warming is caused by humans, what do you think the scientist will do? Say it is real! It is hard to blame the scientists. They are caught in between a rock and a hard place. I do not believe in any way that 97% of climate scientists actually believe global warming is caused by humans.  Of the ones that do, most likely many of those do not think humans are causing such an adverse effect on the earth that Al Gore describes.

I believe that where people get their information from can be a major issue. If people base all of their global warming opinions off of some bum in a basement that created a global warming website, it is likely that they have received some false information. It would be nice if there was a god of the internet that could take all the bad, false, and useless things off the internet, but there isn’t. If a website has a misspelling, false fact, or misleading sales pitch, it is probably not a good site. People should be careful in choosing where they receive their information, so they will not be mislead. Also, people must remember to think. As crazy as it sounds, many people are forgetting to think, reason, and form their own opinions, because they let their favorite news source do it for them!

Turn Up the AC

         While I have only seen one perspective, if everything they are saying is true – then everyone needs to take a serious reality check. The statistics that Al Gore shows in “The Inconvenient Truth” highlight the huge amounts of carbon dioxide we are putting into the air. The problem is simple: too much carbon dioxide concentrates the ozone layer, which traps the heat inside. The difficult part is how to solve the problems associated with global warming.

          The issue has been distorted and twisted by political parties. Some people want to completely stop putting carbon dioxide into the air.  This would be good, but it is a drastic change that cannot be done quickly. Others deny that global warming is happening and want to carry on, or they simply care more about the benefits of carbon dioxide than the environment. Since both sides think the other is either ignorant or maybe even evil, neither one of these things will happen easily.

           The only way to move forward is to create a solution that both sides agree to work on together. The first step to solving this problem is making everyone aware the world is heating up. Some may argue it is natural climate change, or some may argue it is due to human influences on the ozone layer. Second, everyone must identify whether or not this is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately or just within the next few decades. As more time, money and research is put into the global warming issue, the clearer the problem will be. Until then, turn up the AC!